With only one more episode left before the finale, The Good Place is better than ever. 

Last week’s episode ended with the experiment concluding and Brent (Benjamin Koldyke) apologizing for his behavior at the last second. 

This week showed the humans anxiously awaiting the judge’s (Maya Rudolph) results from the experiment, so they decide to throw themselves each a funeral to take their minds off it. 

Meanwhile, Michael (Ted Danson) is trying to convince the judge of the positive results of his actions, and he uses data from the experiment — from Eleanor (Kristen Bell), Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto) — and their relatives on earth. 

The Judge leaves to make her ruling, and Michael and Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson) bicker while they wait. 

Eleanor, Tahani, Jason and Janet (D’Arcy Carden) are all saying really nice things about each other during each of their funerals, and everyone is emotional. 

Once they’re finished with their funerals, Janet takes them to the judge’s chambers for the results. 

Michael and the humans win the trial, but the judge decides to wipe out earth and the afterlife, completely restarting all of humanity as amoebas. 

Obviously, Michael and the humans don’t want earth and the afterlife to go away, so they know they have to come up with a plan. Right as the judge is about to obliterate earth, Janet snaps the remote away into her void. 

However, it’s not the good place Janet: it’s the bad place Janet. She read Michael’s manifesto and decides she agrees with him and his methods, so she unites all the Janets to take a stand against the judge and save humanity. 

The judge vows to search every one of Janet’s voids until she finds the remote, so that doesn’t give the humans much time to come up with a plan. 

“So if we can’t change the points, then maybe we can change what we do with the points,” Michael said. “We just need a brand new system for judging humans in the afterlife. We can do this, right?”

That’s when Eleanor tells Michael what they have to do. She knows Chidi is the only logical answer to creating a new plan to save humanity, so she tells Michael to wake him up and restore his memories. 

This episode is by far the best of the season. It perfectly combines everything that’s good about the show: forwarding the plot, while includes the lovable and fun moments of the audience’s favorite characters. 

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The Good Place fall finale airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on NBC