A graduation gown and cap can sometimes be boring because everyone is wearing the same thing at commencement. In order to spice things up, students have opted to decorate their grad caps with sayings, quotes or memes to stand out from the rest of the soon-to-be alumni and to express their time in college.

Here are some of the grad caps you might have missed at Ohio University’s 2019 Fall Commencement:


Some graduation caps stood out above the rest at the 2019 Fall Commencement ceremony.

Reading this cap, you will definitely pick up SpongeBob SquarePants vibes and hear the voice that often says the different time cards, such as “two hours later.” 


This bright blue cap was definitely noticeable in the crowd, especially with the goose and “HONK” spelled out in jewels. But, really, we just want to know the story behind this one.


This person was definitely ready to graduate.

Oh the places I’ll go but Country Roads will take me HOME

A little bit of Dr. Seuss and John Denver’s song, “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” We approve.

Catch you on the flippity flip

This was Michael Scott’s way to say goodbye to the warehouse workers on The Office. Now, this was this grad’s way to say goodbye to OU.



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