The question is on everyone’s mind at the start of the year: What are you going to change about yourself to become a better person?

It’s a loaded question. There is always something we can do to become better or more efficient, and the new year seems like a great time to start. Whether it’s working out, eating right, limiting screen time or quitting Juul, there are so many ways to better yourself in 2020.

The pressure to pick a major habit to change causes a lot of people to not follow through with their resolutions. Most people give up on their resolutions by Jan. 19.

The trick to keeping with your New Year’s resolution is to pick something that is simple enough that you can reach a goal. Instead of “losing weight,” decide on how much weight you want to lose. Instead of “drinking more water,” set a number of cups you’d like to see yourself drink, and opt out of sugary drinks, like juices and sodas. Personally, my most successful resolution came in 2018 when I opted to cut out coffee creamer and sugar. I didn’t quit creamer immediately: it took me a week or two until I was drinking black coffee. Resolutions are easier to keep when we ease into them. 

If you haven’t started a New Year’s resolution or have already broken yours, don’t feel bad. No one is limited to making personal changes just on Jan. 1, and don’t feel like you have to change something about yourself to have a good year. If you are happy with yourself and happy with your lifestyle, finding a resolution may be difficult, and far-reaching resolutions are hard to stick to.

For the first few weeks of the year, remind yourself that if you break your resolution a little bit, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of it. You’re human, and it’s always difficult to break habits or start new ones. Keep in mind that you are going out of your way to improve yourself, and any road bumps along the way are part of the process.

Mikayla Rochelle is a sophomore studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those ofThe Post. What are your thoughts? Tell Mikayla by tweeting her at @mikayla_roch.