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Scientists discover an asteroid may have ended an ice age; Little Fish Brewery to hold fundraiser for Athens Rock Camp for Girls

Today is Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020. Here’s what you need to know: 

Good morning, 

One asteroid may have been responsible for ending the frozen age of Snowball Earth. 

The Yarrabubba crater, located in Western Australia, was determined to be the oldest crater on Earth, and the asteroid made impact over two billion years ago.  

Nicholas Timms, a co-author and associate professor at Curtin University’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, said the time period of the Yarrabubba impact matches the end of ancient glaciations.  

After impact, the asteroid could have released half a trillion tons of water vapor into the atmosphere, which absorbed heat and caused Earth to become warmer. 

Currently, the crater sits at 43-miles wide and predates any other impact crater by 200 million years.  

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News from The Post: 

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