Do you ever listen to rap music that takes itself too seriously? Overproduced, poorly mixed and lyrically devoid albums have wreaked havoc on many respected hip-hop artists, from Kayne West to Post Malone

Enter: Yung Gravy and bbno$. They know their music is bad, but they don’t care what people think. It’s why the pair, known for songs such as “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot” and “Lalala,” dropped their newest album, Baby Gravy 2, on Valentine’s Day. 

The album has a pretty chaotic discography, which is to be expected. Overall, it doesn’t pack the same punch as their previous works, such as Gravy’s “Sensational” or bbno$’s “recess.” However, it still has some pretty playable songs that are perfect for your dad, mother and sister

Here are the top tracks from Baby Gravy 2:

“Welcome to Chilis” and “shining on my ex”

Both of these songs were dropped before the release of the album, with “shining on my ex” coming out in early in November and “Welcome to Chilis” following suit in January. There’s a reason these songs were released early, as they are the strongest songs on the album. 

“Welcome to Chilis” stands out for its great Latin feel, transporting one to a time and place that never existed, yet still somehow feels nostalgic to the listener. One can’t help but enjoy the absurdity of the song’s vocals and sound. It’s so bad that it’s good. 

“shining on my ex,” on the other hand, brings the listener to the American Southwest with its weird, mysterious, alien-like backing track. The song also features what can only be described as a “knockout-punch,” where bbno$ showcases his talent by unleashing a fast set of bars at the end of the song that’ll have the listener and their friends flowing with the music. While very underrated, it is such a vital part of the rapper’s vocal arsenal, as it entices listeners to stay until the end of the track. Similar “knockout punches” can be found in other bbno$ songs, such as “nursery.” 

“Go Bananas”

The strongest song that was not published before the album’s release is undoubtedly “Go Bananas” for its quirky beat and fantastic flow.

Songs like this exemplify what makes both artists so unique. The music just makes no sense: “I could take a piss on a drum, and the song would go dumb / Anesthesiolo-wrist make ya s--- go numb / Get a freezie with ya b----, buddy, you could be my son / Yo mama lookin' like a fee-fi-fo-fum-head-a--.”

The lyrics are a weird soup of rhyming words and phrases overtop an absurd beat. For some reason, it just works. The flow of both rappers complements each other excellently, and the feature by Spark Master Tape is fantastic. 


This song, like “Go Bananas,” is another cute, funky beat with completely random lyrics thrown on overtop. How could someone not love it? It makes no sense, but the flow is good, so who cares? 

It’s a reminder that this type of music isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It’s why Gravy and bbno$ invite meme artists such as SavageRealm to their concerts because they understand that their role in the music industry is to simply entertain. 

Not everyone wants the corporate Christianity of Kanye West. Sometimes people just want to listen to alien beats and hilariously pointless lyrics. 

Rating: 4/5