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The four humans find their peace during the series finale of ‘The Good Place.’ (Photo provided @KristenBell on Twitter)

TV Review: Everyone finds their peace on the final episode of ‘The Good Place’

It finally happened: the series finale of The Good Place. It’s the moment audiences have been dreading, but luckily, the over-an-hour-long finale didn’t disappoint. 

Last week’s episode ended with Michael (Ted Danson) and the rest of the humans figuring out how to relieve people of their time in the good place: by creating a door they can walk through to finally be at peace. 

This week’s episode starts with Jason (Manny Jacinto) realizing that he is ready to leave the good place and go through the door. After he talks to Janet (D’Arcy Carden) about it, he tells his friends. They are obviously upset but decide to throw him his dream going away party. 

Janet and Jason share a tearful goodbye, and she leaves him alone to be at peace before walking through the door. 

Next to decide to go is Tahani (Jameela Jamil), who has just finished learning everything on her to-do list, with the help of Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) from Parks and Recreation. The cameo appearance is really exciting because The Good Place’s creator, Mike Schur, also created Parks and Recreation

In the middle of her going away party, however, Tahani decides she doesn’t want to walk through the door. Instead, she wants to spend the rest of eternity being a good place architect. She goes to the architects’ headquarters and begins her training. 

Next, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) feels Chidi (William Jackson Harper) wanting to pull away and head to the door. She decides to do everything she can to get him to stay. This includes taking him to Greece and a few other places on vacations. However, Eleanor finally realizes that she can’t try to convince him to stay because it’s his time to go, and for her to convince him to stay is selfish. 

She and Chidi share a hard goodbye, with enough emotion to make anyone bawl their eyes out. After Chidi leaves to go through the door, Eleanor can’t figure out what she needs to do in order to feel at peace to leave. 

Initially, Eleanor thinks her goal is to convince Mindy (Maribeth Monroe) to go through the system and determine whether she should be in the good place or the bad place. Mindy is hesitant at first, but after Eleanor assures her that Tahani will be the one making her test, Mindy agrees. 

Eleanor still feels as if she’s missing something, and she realizes she has to do something for Michael. Her last act before walking through the door is convincing the Judge (Maya Rudolph) to make Michael a human. 

The two best friends share a final moment together. Janet walks Michael to the door where they say goodbye, and Janet is brought to tears. Michael walks through the door and begins his human life. 

Janet takes Eleanor to the door, and the two drink margaritas and reminisce on all of the fun times they’ve had together. The two wonder about how Michael is doing, but Eleanor knows he’s doing as perfectly as a human could be. 

“I assume he’s doing the same as every human,” Eleanor said. “Some good days, some bad days. He’s got a few friends, a few people he can’t stand. He’s learning some things all by himself and, hopefully, learning to ask for help when he needs it.” 

With that, Eleanor takes a step through the door, and her spirit is carried into the universe.

The Good Place blessed audiences with four seasons of political correctness, emotional intelligence and a unique interpretation of humankind that was somehow relatable to everyone. It will truly be missed. 

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter: 


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