It has now been two weeks since the last episode of The Good Place aired on NBC. Though audiences are missing the misadventures of the cast, it’s important to reminisce on all the moments that made the show as incredible as it was. Here are the top moments and episodes from season two of The Good Place, in the order in which they occurred:

“The Trolley Problem” — Chidi’s dilemma and Michael’s apology (season 2, episode 6)

Obviously by season two, the audience realizes Chidi’s (William Jackson Harper) intense moral ethics code. His inability to make decisions without weighing every possible shred of ethics involved is what eventually got him killed. 

This is what makes “The Trolley Problem” such a brilliant episode. In theory, Chidi can ethically explain how to solve the trolley problem: either kill multiple workers or kill one worker, with a bunch of different variables at hand. However, when Chidi tries to help Michael (Ted Danson)  understand the ethics of the trolley problem, Michael creates a real trolley scenario. At first, Chidi can’t decide and ends up killing more workers than one. But the second time they try the experiment, Chidi makes the decision without realizing that he chose to kill his friend. 

But other than the hilarious forms of torture, this episode is the first time we truly see Michael act vulnerable and apologize for his behavior because he just wants to understand ethics the way Chidi does. It’s a beautiful moment and the first time Michael shows his true allegiance to the humans’ team. 

“Best self” - the party before the bad place (season 2, episode 10)

Toward the end of the second season, the humans are getting ready to accept their fate and head to the bad place. However, before they do, they decide to clear up some unresolved issues, toast to each other and have a wild party. The party scene is so fun and features the epic dance styling of the main cast as well as an adorable slow dance between Chidi and Eleanor (Kristen Bell). It also features Michael’s “human starter kit,” gifted by the humans and Janet (D’Arcy Carden). 

Ultimately, this episode is when they decide to make a plan to officially clear their names and get out of the bad place, and it not only sets up for an interesting rest of the season, but perfectly showcases the fun and lovable moments The Good Place is known for.

“Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent” — Michael sacrifices himself for Eleanor (season 2, episode 11)

This episode shows the humans, Michael and Janet headed to the bad place to try and access the Judge’s (Maya Rudolph) quarters. Michael works the entire episode to find more pins for the humans, rather than just the one pin he was gifted by Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson). Though they get away with finding more pins, they run into some trouble when they’re discovered by Shawn. 

They manage to escape, thanks to Jason’s (Manny Jacinto) Molotov cocktail, and three of the humans are able to, but Michael realizes he doesn’t have a pin for Eleanor. This is when he makes a callback to “The Trolley Problem” episode, where Michael realizes the solution is to sacrifice yourself. He gives Eleanor his pin, pushes her through the portal and is left to be punished by Shawn. 

This episode is so crucial because it solidifies not only Michael’s loyalty to the group, but it also shows the first time Michael truly understands human ethics and what it means to have compassion, rather than just possess a demon’s mindset. It’s a touching moment and is arguably one of the best in the entire series, let alone this season.