Come Feb. 14, love is in the air and all is well. At least, that’s until you realize the challenge of deciding which gift to give that special someone in your life. Valentine’s Day is a day to appreciate the loved ones in your life, but it also comes with stress if gift-giving isn’t exactly your love language. Some may prefer the easy route of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and a bouquet of flowers, but it’s time to take a “non-cheesy” approach when gifting your sweetie this V-day. 

Although Valentine’s Day may have a bad reputation for being a holiday full of cliche gifts and tacky sentimentality, one thing is certain: Flowers wilt but weighted blankets are forever. Whether you have heart-eyes or will be rolling your eyes this Valentine’s Day, look to these non-cliche gift ideas for some inspiration:


Spring is almost in the air, which means the cold weather will soon make way for sunshine. Why Netflix and chill when you can hammock and chill? A hammock is a perfect gift that can also double as a future outdoor date option. Grab a speaker and embrace the warmer weather in a fun — and romantic — way by spending some time in between the trees with that special someone.

Thankfully, Amazon has a variety of hammocks priced under $20, making it an affordable and thoughtful gift that will provide a relaxing date option for the warmer months ahead. 

Moccasin Slippers

Does anything say “I love you” more than a nice pair of slippers? Nope. Slippers or moccasins are the perfect gift for those who like to relax, especially during the colder months. While Ugg boots may have fallen from their moment in the fashion spotlight, slippers never went out of style. It’s a simple gift that will get all the more use rather than the teddy bear from the local convenience store.  

You won’t have to break the bank on a quality pair of slippers and can find them priced as low as $11.55 on Amazon. 

Weighted Blanket

We all love our sleep. What makes it all the more comforting and therapeutic? A weighted blanket, of course. Gifting your partner a weighted blanket is like giving them a million cozy hugs each night. The magic is all in the deep pressure that mimics a hug, making the gift option particularly special for long-distance couples. Weighted blankets have been proven to improve sleep patterns, improve overall focus and arise the release of feel-good hormones. 

Although most weighted blankets come at a steep price, Amazon has a selection of 5 to 25-pound blankets priced below $50. 

Heart-shaped pizza

This gift idea may be “cheesier” than others, but proves to be more thoughtful than a box of chocolate. Valentine’s Day is usually spent over dinner in an overcrowded restaurant with surrounding couples. However, you don’t need fancy, expensive dinner plans to impress your hot date. The solution? Giving your special someone a “pizz-a” your heart this year with a heart-shaped pizza and a romantic movie night in. 

Luckily, many pizzerias offer heart-shaped pizza specials. From Feb. 10 to Feb. 16, you can get your hands on a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John’s for $11 with the promo code VALENTINE. Pizza Hut will also have a Valentine’s Day special available through Feb. 17 for a price of $11.99 or $16.99. 

Morse Code Bar Necklace or bracelet 

Let morse code be your love language this year for a minimalist, yet thoughtful gift. If you're going the jewelry route, you won’t need diamonds to express your love. With a morse code bar necklace, you can create a custom message for your sweetheart to decode. Keep things between the two of you with a heartfelt phrase or an inside joke in the form of a necklace or bracelet. 

You can find a variety of customizable options on Etsy, which includes pricing from $9.50 to $40. 

Glossier skincare edit

Rose are red, violets are blue, if your sweetie loves skincare, this gift option is perfect for you. This Valentine’s Day, treat your special someone to this limited-edition Glossier skincare set that includes several travel-friendly sizes of the company’s best-selling products. Inside is a mini-size of the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Super Bounce serum, glow-enhancing Futuredew oil, Priming Moisturizer and Balm Dotcom lip and skin salve.

The limited-edition set is available for $50 and contains everything you’d need for fresh, glowing skin in gift form. The non-cliche option is perfect for someone who travels frequently or just loves Glossier products. If you're going solo this V-day, this is the perfect gift to show your skin some extra love as well. 


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