Fashion, makeup, thrifting, apartment makeovers and lifestyle are all typical themes of popular YouTube channels, but there aren’t many who encompass all of those types of videos. Enter Ashley, a UCLA film school graduate who not only capitalizes off her creativity through tutorials or other videos on YouTube, but she also has her own online store featuring clothes and hand-designed jewelry. 

The purpose of “bestdressed”

Ashley began her channel, “bestdressed,” over four years ago. Even in the beginning, Ashley didn’t limit herself to one type of video, posting how-to videos, chatting about random facts of life, hair and makeup videos and outfit styling videos. As time has passed and Ashley has matured, so has her video content and editing style. Though she still posts the same types of videos, she is much more apt with her production and has since gained 2.87 million subscribers. 

The description for bestdressed reads: “fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something college graduate clinging to her glory days when she won the best dressed senior superlative. all served with a spicy side of dry humor.” No matter what the purpose or theme of the video is, Ashley always lights up the screen with her bubbly personality and hilarious or cringe-y sense of humor. She always makes her videos wildly helpful while also entertaining. 

bestdressed’s types of videos


Thrifting is one of the top themes of Ashley’s videos. She uses her thrifting videos to showcase hauls of successful thrifting experiences as well as a travel guide for her adventures in thrifting at different locations in the world. 

However, one of the best parts about Ashley’s thrift videos is that she uses them as a way to teach people how to save money when shopping. She gives extremely helpful tips on how to pick the right thrift shop, how to diligently sort through the racks as quickly as possible and tips on what clothes scream “take me home” versus what clothes deserve to stay in the shop. Here are two of Ashley’s best thrifting videos:

“HOW TO THRIFT LIKE A PRO (*actually useful* thrifting tips)”

“come thrifting with me in london! + try on haul”

Flip and rewears

After people have thrifted their clothing, Ashley doesn’t expect them to just automatically know how to style the clothes. That’s why she makes thrift flip videos where she takes the cool clothes she finds at thrift stores and adds her own take to them. Be it cutting a pair of jeans into shorts or sewing on some buttons for a more unique look, Ashley always has something creative up her sleeve. 

She also makes rewear videos that don’t involve changing the look of a piece of clothing but more focus on how to style it in several different ways so that you don’t get stuck with just one look. It maximizes your purchase on an item of clothing. 

“THRIFT FLIP // diy urban outfitters for ur inner hipster”

“THRIFT FLIP // reformation inspired dresses + skirts”


Apartment makeovers, decorating and hunting

Here’s where the theme of her channel begins to deviate a little from a normal styling or thrifting channel. After graduating from UCLA, Ashley had to find the perfect apartment in Los Angeles, and from there has made videos of hunting for the apartment, making over and decorating the space, and then repeating the process recently when she moved to New York. 

Not only are the videos incredibly satisfying to watch, but they also provide tips for making over your own room or apartment. All of the ideas are incredibly affordable and wildly creative. Here are some of her apartment and bedroom makeovers:



Chatting, makeup and more

Ashley also loves being honest about what she’s going through emotionally or physically with her viewers. She believes if she’s going through it, someone else must be, too, so she might as well act as a friend for people to compare situations with and maybe get some advice along the way. Whether she’s voicing her thoughts on serious matters like beauty standards and insecurities or thoughts on silly matters like TikTok, Ashley always loves chatting with her audience.

Sometimes her chatting videos are combined with things like skincare and makeup tutorials or how-to videos on looking cute when you’re sad or lazy, and she even made one while cutting her own bangs at 2 a.m. Ashley always has fun video ideas up her sleeve, so here are some of the best videos to get you started in this category:

“how to look cute when ur an emotional wreck”

“the ugly truth about beauty standards + my insecurities”

Why you should watch bestdressed

Ashley’s channel is a great way to spend time watching YouTube. It provides helpful tips that can make you look better, feel better and save a lot of money. If the videos listed above plus the rest of Ashley’s channel aren’t enough for you, she also started a second channel called “bestmess,” where she posts similar videos to her main channel that are more relaxed in production. No matter what channel you watch, Ashley lights up every video, making them fun to watch for everyone and every topic.