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10 unusual products on Amazon that are actually useful and super affordable

Scrolling through Amazon and getting lost in the array of products the site offers can cure one’s boredness. Questioning why a product is even offered in the first place can also lead to an epiphany of how genius it actually is. Here are some weird, but affordable products from Amazon that may benefit your lifestyle:

Mop slippers (Set of 4) | $9.99

Sometimes placing a piece of paper towel on the floor and placing your foot on it to clean the floor doesn’t cut it. These slippers are a better alternative to that, as they form to your foot and can be used to easily mop up a spill on your tile or linoleum floors. 

Pooch Selfie | $9.99

Ever wanted to take a picture with your pooch but it’s difficult to get them to stay still and pose? Try this selfie accessory that has a ball attached above your phone’s camera. Your dog will become occupied with potentially getting a toy and you can take a successful selfie.

Mini Desk Vacuum | $8.99

For those who spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk it can become messy very quickly. This mini vacuum is compact and can remove dust on many surfaces that a normal vacuum cannot.

Mini Handheld Sealer | $8.99

If chip clips are not doing the job and your snacks are going stale, try this mini sealer that will seal any kind of plastic bags to keep your snacks fresh.

Keyboard Cleaning Gel | $8.99

Multitasking work and eating can often lead to crumbs falling into the tiny crevices of your keyboard. This gel can help clean up that mess and it doesn’t stick to anything but the hard-to-reach crumbs.

Tub Drain Protector | $12.97

If you have long hair, your drain will most likely get clogged up. But, with this product the hair will wind around the stopper for easy removal and you don’t have to stick your fingers down the drain to pull out clumps of old hair.

Car Seat Gap Filler (Set of 2) | $19.99

This product blocks anything that might fall between the gaps of your car seats such as your cell phone, loose change and car keys. 

Cable Organizer Clips (Set of 16) | $9.55

With all the devices and their respective chords, keep your space organized with these small clips that can be stuck to any surface such as a desk or nightstand.

Finger Food Utensil | $15.75

Eating with your fingers proves to be messy but with these finger covers you can enjoy any food that might make your fingers cheesy, greasy or sticky once again.

Water Bottle Pill Box | $11.99

It’s easy to forget taking daily medication sometimes but this water bottle is convenient because it allows you to store your pills while also always having fluid to swallow them.


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