Bob Dylan, the king of rock poetry, is back with a new album announcement and a new song to get everyone excited. 

The literature Nobel Prize winner has delivered once again with his single “False Prophet,” which acts as a teaser for his upcoming album, Rough and Rowdy Ways. The album will mark the singer/songwriter’s first album with completely original songs in eight years.

At 78 years old, Dylan is still delivering beautiful poetry through a gorgeous old rock sound. “False Prophet” is definitely the best of the three singles and could be some of his best work yet. Over the repetitive nature of a gritty blues guitar, Dylan says, “I ain’t no false prophet; I just know what I know.” 

This addresses the idea that people have often referred to him as a prophet of sorts due to his intricate lyricism, but Dylan heavily rejects this title. It makes him almost feel like an impostor, according to a 60 Minutes interview in 2004, so he addresses this existentialism through his words, all the while attracting women and making spiritual allusions. 

Prior to “False Prophet,” Dylan had also released two other singles from the album: “I Contain Multitudes” and the 17-minute-long “Murder Most Foul.”

The album is set to release June 19, but audiences are reeling with excitement over the singles. Though they wish the date of the album’s release would hurry up and arrive, they’re happy to satiate their palates with some of Dylan’s finest work, especially with “False Prophet.”

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter: