Oakland, California, artist G-Eazy has switched up his sound over quarantine, going from rapper to singer within the blink of an eye. He dropped the track “Free Porn Cheap Drugs” and published covers of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” and The xx’s “VCR” on Youtube, produced by Christoph Andersson.

G-Eazy has been known widely as a rapper since his first major label album, These Things Happen dropped in 2014, which included his breakout track “I Mean It (feat. Remo).” G-Eazy’s rap lyrics are typically him boasting about money and women, so seeing a softer side to him with his new track, “Free Porn Cheap Drugs,” has people all sorts of confused yet obsessed.

Along with the track “Free Porn Cheap Drugs” came a visually appealing music video in which G-Eazy shows a side to him that has not been shown before. He is seen wearing a giant smiley face sweater as he is one with nature in a mountainous area, and flashes of visuals show him in his normal, dark clothing in dark places. He has an indie, synthesized sound to his voice that is peaceful to the ear.

The lyrics are about wanting to break out of routine, as he sings, “Run away, run away, why can't ya? (Ohh) / Desensitize and just let go (Ohh) / Abandon all the things you know (Ohh) / No TV, no radio (Ohh).”

Between the covers and his song, it is clear G-Eazy has shocked both his fans and those who did not even listen to him as a rapper. He has recruited new fans from the switch-up. He has shown a new talent, and many believe singing fits him better than rapping. 

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter: