After 15 years since the first Twilight book was published, Stephanie Meyer is finally publishing the companion book: Midnight Sun

Though Twilight and the rest of the books in the saga are told from the perspective of Bella, Midnight Sun is told from the perspective of Edward. The readers are now privy to Edward’s inner thoughts about Bella, humanity and his past of over a century.

The book has been in the works for quite a while, but after an excerpt from the book was leaked, Meyer canceled the release. 

Now, over a decade later, Meyer has set the release for Aug. 4. 

Fans are beyond excited about the release that has been long overdue. Meyer said in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she worried about it being the right time to release the book. However, she hopes it will be a nice break from everyday responsibilities and worries.

Here’s how people reacted on Twitter: