Selena Gomez is harnessing a new skill by starring in her own cooking show on HBO Max. 

The 10-episode cooking show was inspired by Gomez’s boredom during quarantine. The singer and actress decided to executive produce and star in the series, which will be available on HBO Max, the new streaming service that launches May 27. The project is currently untitled. 

There will also be a charitable component to the show, where each episode will highlight a food-related charity. However, it’s mostly meant to be a casual and funny way to help viewers combat their boredom alongside Gomez and learn to cook some delicious meals.

Fans of Gomez and even simply those who are looking to find something to occupy their time are thrilled for the opportunity to cook with the singer by bringing the comfort of her home and kitchen into the comfort of theirs.

Here’s how people reacted on Twitter: