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Kodaline released its fourth album, ‘One Day At A Time,‘ on June 12, 2020. (Photo provided via @kodaline on Instagram)

Album Review: Kodaline’s latest album, ‘One Day at a Time,’ delivers vulnerable, gripping melodies

Even amidst a global pandemic, Kodaline is able to produce a captivating album packed with heart-wrenching lyrics and flawless vocals. One Day at a Time is the Irish rock band’s fourth and shortest album to date, boasting just 10 tracks. But despite its length, the album offers up emotional ballads about love, belonging and learning how not to take life for granted.

Originally known as 21 Demands, the band changed its name to Kodaline in 2012 and consists of four members; Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, Vincent May and Jason Boland. In 2013, the quartet released its first studio album In a Perfect World, which includes the popular singles, “All I Want” and “High Hopes,” tracks that resonate with several songs off the band’s latest album. Two years later, the band released its second album Coming Up for Air, followed by its third album Politics of Living in 2018. The band’s poignant, indie pop and rock vibes have been a constant to fans all over the world, and their latest album is no exception.

With a run time of only 36 minutes, you’ll find yourself savoring each song to the fullest, the first being “Wherever You Are,” a buoyant opener that perfectly kicks off the rest of the album. String instruments flood your ears at the start of “The Evening,” a delicate and mournful tune meant to reminisce on time spent with someone who has passed away. 

Continuing with the theme of love, “Care” outlines the ups and downs of a relationship, and that no matter how rocky it gets, these two people will always care for one another. “Heart Open” lends itself to Garrigan’s incredibly personal vocals, creating an unforgettable chorus about giving love another chance. Despite the album consisting of majority mellow songs, making it seem as if there needed to be more upbeat tunes, One Day at a Time is completely in line with the sentimental lyrics and melodies Kodaline is known for.

Here are the best four tracks from One Day at a Time:

4. “Spend It with You”

Light and airy, “Spend It With You” features dreamy guitar chords that partner perfectly with Garrigan’s soft and endearing voice. He sings of the world ending, and if so, that no time would be better spent than with that special someone: “I wanna believe, if tomorrow was not guaranteed / Minutes to spend, if I could choose / I would spend every minute with you.” The lyrics pull all the heart strings, showing just how deep someone’s love can be. It’s a dance-in-the-headlights type of track that’ll have you cherishing every moment in the arms of your significant other. 

3. “Sometimes”

Released as a single, “Sometimes” shows off a bright and fast-paced side of the album. Garrigan gets personal singing about dealing with his own anxiety, and how sometimes those remedies don’t always help, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless: “All of my friends, don’t understand / Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m blind / Maybe we all get lost sometimes.” It’s clear this song was written for listeners to know they’re not going through anything alone, and sometimes a little bit of reassurance is all we need.

2. “Everyone Changes”

If you’re looking for a good track to cry to, this is the one. It didn’t seem like any other Kodaline song could come close to the melancholy tone of “All I Want,” but “Everyone Changes” hits the mark. The heartbreaking chorus packs a punch anyone going through a break up can relate to, making the lyrics all the more painful: “I could see that all you need is everything I’ll never be / Say goodbye and let it be / I thought you were the one for me / But everyone changes.” Garrigan sings of giving your whole life to somebody, ready to take on the future together, just for it all to fall apart. It’s no surprise this powerful ballad is one of the best songs off the album. 

1. “Wherever You Are”

As previously mentioned, “Wherever You Are” is a faultless opener, complete with meaningful lyrics and angelic harmonies. If you’ve ever wondered what feeling head over heels in love is like, this track lays it out for you: “When the worlds getting hard, I will go to wherever you are / Running blind, in the dark, I will go to wherever you are.” The energetic instrumental paired with charismatic words makes for that familiar Kodaline sound all fans can appreciate. If you want to feel all the feels of being in love, you’ll have this song on repeat. 

Rating: 4/5

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