It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through summer, meaning fall semester is right around the corner. As eager as most Bobcats are to head back to Athens, there is no harm in soaking up each remaining day of relaxation under the sun. Everyone knows though, whether sunbathing, sitting poolside, hosting a “darty” or driving with the windows down, a summer playlist is an essential. In case you’re in need of some new music for any of these occasions, we compiled a playlist of 10 first-rate summertime jams, perfect for all of the above!  

The playlist perfect when sunbathing, sitting poolside, hosting a “darty” or driving with the windows down

“Aftertaste” by Loud Luxury, Morgan St. Jean

The EDM tune about not wanting to move on to someone new because of wanting another person so badly, is upbeat, fun and too relatable. As St. Jean sings about holding onto that special someone’s “aftertaste,” it is impossible not to think of who you may be wanting to cling to, while dancing and fist bumping to the beat drop all at once. 

“I’m Not Alright” by Loud Luxury, Bryce Vine

It’s only appropriate to have multiple Loud Luxury songs, considering they only produce the most lively, danceable tracks, which is what summer is all about. “I’m Not Alright” is a song however, that is best listened to while taking a joy ride as it is easy to sing along to the chorus: “You like to drink and to smoke to take away the pain / And I don't remember all of my mistakes / And every high got low with no one to blame / You're not alright, I'm not alright.”

“When We Were Young” by Lost Kings, Norma Jean Martine

Lucky for us, we don’t have to reminisce about the days when we were young and reckless just yet since we still are. The song however, regardless has a nostalgic and reminiscent tone to it. Driving to this song, windows down, with the best friends is timeless and more than recommended. 

“Palm Trees” by Surfaces

If you’re looking for the perfect beach or pool song, we’ve got you covered, look no further, it’s “Palm Trees” by Surfaces. It’s pretty explanatory why it is an absolute vibe when wanting to relax with a drink. The island melody against the lyrics “Underneath the palm trees / Where I lay my head, where I lay my head / I ain't gotta worry / 'Cause all my worries fled/” makes for a refreshing, mindless song. 

“Afterglow” by THE DRIVER ERA

The track “Afterglow” is another smooth, grooving song about a girl and guy falling in love “down in Mexico”-- everyone’s summer dreams. Again, need more be said? 

“Wild Child” by Orpheus 

The track “Wild Child” is about searching for a good time with someone you might want to be a little more than friends with. The song is easy to get into as the lyrics present not needing sleep and instead going to explore the city in the deep hours of the night, chilling and enjoying the other’s presence. Candidly, he sings “If I’m honest I like being around you,” words every crushing girl or guy imagines hearing. Not to mention, the muffled fade out at the end is pretty cool, as it brings back memories of Twitter users fantasizing about what it would be like to listen to “Redbone” in the bathroom at a party. Just listen, and it’ll make more sense. Nonetheless, everyone needs an endless summer night like the one described in “Wild Child.” 

“All Night” by Big Boi

Easily, the most fun track on the playlist, “All Night” is a song about wanting to have an exceptional time and hangout with someone all night--a common recurrence, because who doesn’t want to spend a whole night with the person they’re interested in? 


With a mix of soft tones that have lyrics with a more melancholic meaning and an EDM backbeat, “WESTWORLD” comes across as an ideal rave song--easy to dance to, beautiful vocals and a very singable chorus. If you don’t listen too closely to the lyrics however, you wouldn’t even realize that the track is truly about wanting to forget someone and getaway to a place where one can be them true selves, without having a constant reminder of what the past looked like while being in a controlling relationship.

“Higher Ground” feat. Naomi Wild by ODESZA

Lastly, a summer playlist would not be complete without an ODESZA song. Arguably, every single one of their tracks belongs on the playlist, but “Higher Ground” is superior to the rest. Driving to it, is an otherworldly experience filled with feeling free, content, zen and wanting to live life to the fullest---something everyone should do not just in summer, but each and every day.