6lack, the Atlanta singer, rapper and songwriter, has surprised his fans with a six-track EP. Coming just two days after his birthday, he decided to return the gifts to the listeners with a near-perfect EP. 

If 6pc Hot EP is any indication of what 6lack’s upcoming third album will sound like, then he may have a classic on his hands. 

This EP starts with “ATL Freestyle,” a song that 6lack released in late May after not releasing a solo track since 2018. This track features smooth and confident rapping from 6lack, with an equally impressive hook.

Even though “ATL Freestyle” was a solid track, the project only goes up from there. The next two tracks, “Long Nights” and “Float,” are moody, somber tracks that have 6lack showcasing his impressive R&B vocals and rap ones alike.

Following those two tracks is a more upbeat, confident track in “Know My Rights (feat. Lil Baby).” 6lack and Lil Baby’s amazing chemistry on this track was unexpected, but they both delivered hard-hitting, braggadocious verses, along with an easy-going yet memorable chorus from 6lack. 

“Elephant In The Room,” the fifth track on the EP, gives off a Free 6lack, his debut album, type of sound but with a modern-day 6lack twist to it. It is yet another solid song on the album but, for good reason, gets outshined by the following song.

“Outside,” the sixth and final track, is a masterpiece of a ballad. This slow, light love song with minimal and simple instrumentals may just be one of, if not the best, songs in 6lack’s impressive discography to date. This song, which talks about being deeply in love but being locked in is not only fitting during these times of the pandemic, but it’ll sure have major replay value down the road.

6pc Hot EP is yet another beyond impressive performance from 6lack. It’ll be exciting to see him carry this energy into his next project. This EP is a near-perfect project, and listeners should expect nothing less from 6lack in the future. 6lack easily goes 6 for 6 on 6pc Hot EP, earning him a 5/5 (or 6/6) for the rating.

Rating: 5/5