Armani Rogers announced Monday that he will be transferring to Ohio after spending four seasons at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Rogers, a redshirt senior, made the announcement in a brief Twitter post. Rogers spent three seasons as the starting quarterback for the Rebels and became infamous for his prolific offensive capability. He was one of five players in the nation in 2017 to average 140 yards passing and 75 yards rushing per game, alongside names like Lamar Jackson and Khalil Tate.

The Bobcats’ search for a new starting quarterback has been undeniably shaken up with the arrival of Rogers. Potential starter Kurtis Rourke appeared as if he was going to fill the void left behind by his older brother, Nathan. With Rogers now in the mix, the race has become serious. 

As the 2020 season looms on the horizon, the Rogers or Rourke question will be the focal point of the upcoming fall football camp.