We’ve reached the halfway point of summer, and the idea of laying out in the sun or relaxing in your bed while binge-watching shows on Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming service sounds much better than being productive. However, it’s important to not lose your motivation in the home stretch of the season. Besides, keeping your motivation up throughout the summer can help you to easily get back in the swing of a busier fall routine. Here are six tips to help you stay motivated during the lazy season: 

Keep lists

Whether you’re jam-packed with summer classes and work or lounging around, it’s important to keep track of everything you have going on. Having a list not only helps with organization, but it holds you accountable for the things you have to get done. 

Get out of bed 

At least once a day, you should get out of bed and move to a spot in your living space where it’s not as comfortable. A desk or a counter, or even sometimes a couch, can motivate you to get more work done than if you stay in an environment where you’re used to sleeping and relaxing. 

Write up short-term goals

Looking ahead in the short term can help to motivate you to get work done. If you make your goals bite-sized, they’re much easier to swallow. Having specific goals and making plans to meet them will not only delegate work, but will also give you something to look forward to. 

Give yourself a reward 

Once you finish a short-term goal or a daily to-do list or even just one task on that list, it’s important to reward yourself. Be it a snack, a break to watch some TV or read or even just some quiet time of reflection, a reward can motivate you to keep trucking through your to-do list and get your work done.

Create a routine

Creating a routine is a great way to not only hold yourself accountable for work, but also for your health, like working out, eating, etc. Doing specific tasks every day will create an overall healthier mindset and increase your motivation out of sheer habit. 

Remember self-care

When creating a routine, remember to include self-care. You’ll lack motivation to do any task if you aren’t stopping to take care of yourself first. Success comes from within, so once you focus on making yourself the best version you can possibly be, your success in other tasks will follow.