Today is Tuesday, September 1st, 2020. Here’s what you need to know:

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World-famous singer and songwriter, Adele, has come under fire for posting a photo on Instagram that re-sparked the debate between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. The photo in question shows Adele wearing a Jamaican flag bikini, gold chains and Bantu knots in her hair--a protective African hairstyle.

Debates surrounding appropriation and appreciation have been on the rise in the past several years, and it’s not random. As social awareness rises in communities, differentiating between appropriating a culture and appreciating a culture has become normalized to the point where it’s recognized almost immediately. 

The difference between appropriation and appreciation is that appropriation is taking one’s culture and using it for personal reasons while appreciation is the active attempt to learn more about other cultures to broaden horizons. Adele’s instagram post has garnered nearly 100,000 comments both in support and opposition. 

User @gabriellesawh commented, “As a woman whose father is from the Caribbean, thank you for showing the respect for Caribbean culture. Although you may not be from the Caribbean, you are embracing what the Caribbean stands for.” Other users commented about the rift between ideologies and understanding from users in the United States and those around the world. Comments in opposition to the look ranged from “It’s the cultural appropriation for me” to @sconniesarah stating “I get that you are feeling yourself in this photo, but don’t steal Black hairstyles.”

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