You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is a vision board?” And truthfully, it is anything you want it to be. The purpose of one is to essentially remind yourself of personal goals, aspirations, weekly plans and more. They are most helpful when you are seeking to manifest your dream reality. So now you may ask, “Where do I start and how do I make one?” Well, we’re here to tell you exactly how. 

Determine what it is you desire 

There may be many parts of your present and future life you want to alter, meaning your vision board does not need to have one sole focal point. Actually, vision boards typically consist of an array of different life aspects ranging from where one may want to live one day, a dream job, a family or travel plans. So, before you get to physically creating your board, write out a list of things you want out of life. It may even be smart to divide your board into two different sections: one for short-term plans and one for long term. 

When thinking of short-term objectives, consider what it is you want to get out of a class, whether it be new knowledge, an exceptional grade on an exam, or both. Other short-term targets may be to remain positive for a week and to spend more time with those you love. It can also mean helping someone in need, or doing something out of the good of your heart and expecting nothing in return. Obviously, all of these scenarios are perfectly feasible, but with a vision board, you will be reminded of their importance on a daily basis. 

Thinking of long-term, futuristic goals may seem more idealistic and radical. However, setting yourself in the mindset of self-doubt and uncertainty is the first step to deteriorating your optimal reality. Long-term goals may consist of graduating with a degree in whatever it is you’re studying, landing your dream internship or job, moving across the country, traveling across the country or starting a family of your own one day. Once you have prioritized your central desires, you are ready to create your board. 

Create your board 

Now that you have decided what it is that will generate the most happiness within you, it is time to start visualizing what these aspirations look like. Many people cut out pictures from magazines or print pictures from the internet that most closely resemble their goals and future. The board itself can be as aesthetically pleasing as you intend on it being, considering it will be something you will look at almost every day. Not only do pictures work, but quotes and words work as well. For example, if one is trying to strengthen their Christian faith, they may post or write out inspiring Bible quotes that tend to touch them the most. 

When creating your board, don’t feel as though what you have decided to put on the board is permanent. People’s goals change, meaning their vision board can evolve with them as well. Even if some part of the mood board has been achieved, don’t feel obligated to take it down. Instead, leave it up as a reminder of your success and growth. 

Another good idea is to leave space on the board for a whiteboard or a blank space where you can write down more specific goals, quotes you love or things people have said to you that make you smile. Really, a vision board can consist of anything you want. If you want to divide it up into different categories such as your love life, career, or friends and family, go for it. 

Manifest your dreams into reality 

Lastly, what may seem like the easiest step can, at times, be frustrating. Once your mood board is positioned in a comfortable, safe space, where you feel like you can wish for whatever it is you want, ultimately remember that good things take time. When looking at your board, think positively regarding all of the objectives in front of your eyes, by remembering you can do and achieve anything you put your mind to. With a positive mindset, and saying aloud what it is you wish for, you are speaking your dream reality into existence. You may feel as if it is not working if you don’t see immediate results, but don’t give up, as any visual indication of what you want out of this crazy thing we call life is better than none.