Clarification appended.

From Los Angeles, to Las Vegas and finally Athens, graduate transfer quarterback Armani Rogers knows what it’s like to be on the move. 

Rogers, who grew up in Los Angeles, was one of the top quarterbacks in the area before taking his talents to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Now the 6-foot, 5-inch quarterback is a Bobcat and he believes he’s the one to bring Ohio back to Mid-American Conference supremacy.

Before he takes a snap for the Bobcats, meet quarterback Armani Rogers. 

The Post: So Armani, you’re from L.A. and you played in Vegas. What made Athens of all places feel like the right place for you? 

Rogers: I did my research on Coach Solich and Coach Albin and one of my old coaches came here. I had a chance to talk to the new coaching staff and I just thought it would be a great fit for me.

The Post: What was your first impression of Coach Solich and Coach Albin? 

Rogers: Real, real nice people. They brought me in and it felt like family. They introduced me to the team as soon as I got here and made sure everything was taken care of. When I went into the (transfer) portal they showed me the type of offense they ran and all the other important stuff and I thought it would be a nice fit. 

The Post: How have you managed the chaos of moving to Athens, hearing the season is postponed and then hearing you’re playing in a month?

Rogers: Pretty much to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Even from my first day out here I got the playbook I tried to make sure I learned everything as fast as I can. Even though we might not have a season I still have to prepare myself so when we do start practicing again, I’ll be up there and I’ll know what’s going on.

The Post: Chemistry is huge for your position, who on the team have you bonded with?

Rogers: Well my roommate right now is Shane Hooks so me and him talk about football. Tyler (Foster),  Cam (Odom), the tight ends, so we all after practice, we just get some extra work in to understand how each receiver likes to run certain routes. 

The Post: You’ve had your share of teams trying to recruit you, in fact since peewee, what was it like being recruited by Snoop Dogg? 

Rogers: I actually played for his team when I was younger so it was cool. I had a lot of my friends play for that team and that’s what kind of influenced me to play for his team. He was a great dude and it was a great experience. 

The Post: I heard that you were a great baseball player when you were younger, what made you give it up? 

Rogers: Baseball used to be fun. I played first base and outfield but in like the ninth grade it just got a little too boring for me, especially playing football. You’re used to the contact and the fast place and then you go to baseball and it’s slow.

The Post: Your dad was an NFL linebacker and for a while you played linebacker, too. At what age did you start focusing on playing quarterback? 

Rogers: Probably eighth grade. I stopped playing defense and then strictly quarterback in the ninth grade.

The Post: What do you like about playing quarterback? 

Rogers: Just everything. Being in control and having everything lay on you and the pressure that it comes with it. It’s just a position that not everyone can handle the pressure that comes with it. 

The Post: When it comes to dealing with pressure how would you describe your leadership style? Do you lead by example or are you vocal? 

Rogers: I used to be a lead-by-example, but then as I got to college I realized you have to be more hands on sometimes, to a certain extent. Make sure everybody is following what you’re doing and sometimes you have to get on people’s case and make sure everyone knows this isn’t playtime right now. 

The Post: When did you realize your voice carried weight? 

Rogers: In high school, because being the quarterback everyone looks up to the quarterback no matter what. Even if you don’t want people to look you up they still look up to you. 

The Post: So obviously you’re very serious about football, but what do you like to do in your free time? 

Rogers: I play video games a lot. 

The Post: What’s your console? 

Rogers: PS4 

The Post: Planning on getting the PS5?

Rogers: Oh yeah, I’m going to get it. 

The Post: What’s your best game on PS4? 

Rogers: I like Call of Duty-type games and stuff like that. I don’t really play sports games, but I typically play them just because my brothers play them but they’re not my go-to. 

The Post: OK Armani, last question. There’s been so much uncertainty coming out of this situation, but what do you want out of this season?

Rogers: I want to win a MAC championship, honestly. And to showcase my full ability to play football from passing to running and just be the full package. I just want to show what I can do. 


Clarification appended: A previous version of this article stated Rogers was going into his last year playing football, but the NCAA granted Rogers an extra year of eligibility if Rogers wanted to stay. The article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information.