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Season 16 of ‘The Bachelorette’ stopped before it even began. (Photo provided via @bacheloretteabc on Instagram)

TV Review: Here’s how Clare Crawley is ruining ‘The Bachelorette’

Rose lovers, the only silver lining this season could possibly have, is Chris Harrison himself escorting Clare Crawley out to her own Reject SUV, but one can only hope.

The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are notoriously marketed as shows where contestants are expected to find love in less than two months. However, as we have all seen after filming wraps, this almost never happens. Before the final rose can even wilt, couples break up instantly after the show ends, leads change their mind and rekindle flames with their runner-up and some even get restraining orders thereafter. 

The Bachelor franchise is not about finding passionate love, and it never has been. Without the villains, the people “who aren’t there for the right reasons” or the curiosity of who the lead will give the final rose to in the end, there would be no show to air.

Unfortunately, this season of The Bachelorette stopped before it even began. The moment Dale Moss stepped out of the limo and Clare muttered the words, “I think I found my husband,” the season was cursed to Bachelorette hell. 

The reason as to why we’re now being subjected to such torture is due to the fact that we’re waiting for a woman to find love that has already found it.  

The Bachelorette has the all the more power and right of way to play the field, weigh her options and adjust accordingly. Clare Crawley, on the other hand, is doing the exact opposite. 

We’re not watching someone actively try to find a sustainable, mutual connection. Instead, we’re witnessing Crawley hijack the show -- leading the other contestants on, when she already knows her pick. 

Just three weeks in, the entitlement (and Dale obsession) has already gotten to her head. She completely neglected her basic role responsibilities by skipping a cocktail party, a group date, a dinner portion of a one-one-one, declined giving a rose after the second group date and even had the nerve to call Dale her “fiancé.” 

The best part is that she actually appears to be offended that the other guys won’t go along with the charade. 

After Dale monopolized the first group date and Clare wouldn’t shut up about him in every following conversation, the guys are finally realizing they’ve been cast to the side before even getting a chance.

On Tuesday, Crawley solidified herself as the villain of her own season by stating, “If some of these guys are picking up on my relationship with Dale, guess what? It’s because I like him. That’s what I’m here for. That’s the whole point. You can’t hate on love!”

News flash: the point is not to “fall in love” right away, let alone the first night; hating on it is exactly what we will be doing. After appearing on five different seasons, you’d think she would know that her pattern of consistent failure is what always brings her back. 

Accept this season for what it truly is: Clare Crawley jumping head first into a delusional infatuation with Dale and burning everything else to the ground. Thankfully, the guys are already starting to figure that out and will soon realize they dodged a bullet. 

Tayshia Adams, the hero of 2020, couldn’t be stepping in at a better time to save the season. Luckily, the men will finally be getting someone worth their time.

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