When people think of sections within newspapers and publications, usually the news staff is the first come to mind. Maybe even the culture or lifestyle section comes to mind. Nevertheless, no publication would be complete without its handy-dandy sports staff.

Without our sports staff, The Post wouldn’t be the media platform it is. Covering everything from Ohio football to eSports, the sports staff has always been a crux of The Post that captures some of the best sports moments at OU.

As mid-November approaches, college and professional sports are in swing. Though games are being canceled, players are occasionally testing positive for COVID-19 and fans aren’t allowed in stadiums, conferences are pushing on to allow some semblance of normalcy.

Last week, Ohio football finally kicked off its season in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, against Central Michigan. Though the Bobcats lost its season opener, the team pulled off its home game opener against Akron. Back in Peden Stadium for the first time in months, the Bobcats pulled out the win Tuesday night, and our sports reporters got to cover their first home game of the season.

Currently led by J.L. Kirven and Jack Gleckler, the sports staff has had lots thrown at it. With spring 2020 sports nipped in the bud by COVID-19 and fall 2020 sports either being canceled or rescheduled and adjusted, the entire staff has had to get creative with its coverage.

With the lack of game coverage, features have become a staple for the sports staff, as have sports columns. Between UFC, Nascar, NFL football, MLB and more, columns have been a means for sportswriters to work on their writing skills despite the lack of OU sports. 

Similar to the columns, sportswriter Eli Feazell published his first “This Day in Bobcat History” series, where he reminisced and delved into Ohio football’s first game with big rival Marshall.

Furthermore, beat writers are delving into multimedia and creating podcasts. Feazell and Zach Zimmerman started “Keeping Up During COVID,” where the duo are catching up listeners on everything OU sports during the chaos that is COVID-19.

Kirven, Gleckler and Tee Willis are starting the podcast “Necessary Roughness.” Within the podcast, the three will be discussing all things Ohio football and breaking down the teams, their stats and more.

All of these examples are just some of the stuff that The Post sports staff has been publishing despite COVID-19. Showing that determination, creativity and a bit of wit can outstand the lack of actual sports to report on, The Post sports staff has truly rolled with any and all punches this Fall Semester.

Taking the time to appreciate the sports staff—and every other staff—every once and a while is a necessary thing to do. So for those sportswriters out there, on behalf of The Post, we appreciate you, and keep up the great work. 

Molly Schramm is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University and the editor-in-chief of The Post. Have questions? Email Molly at ms660416@ohio.edu or tweet her @_molly_731.