Thanksgiving is only a mere week away, meaning so are all of the festivities, food and fashion picks that accompany the annual holiday. Though celebrations may look a bit different this year, there is no reason one cannot still dress up -- or down -- to add some spice to what might not be the traditional Thanksgiving. Withal, here are a few recommendations regarding what to sport for however you may be spending it. Nonetheless, even if you plan on staying cooped up inside with only your immediate family or roomies, take this as the perfect occasion to take a fiery Instagram pic and feel confident while doing so. 

Browns and beiges 

Before delving straight into the actual articles of clothing themselves, it is important to set the standard for which colors are best suited for the autumnal Thanksgiving. The holiday is the ideal time to bring out burnt oranges, rusty reds, olive greens, dark and light browns, beiges, tans and creams. Each one of these colors compliment all skin tones and hair colors pleasantly. As for patterns, houndstooth, tartan and madras thrive during the current season, especially when several of the fall colors are present within them. 


Blazers and jeans 

While still taking into consideration all of the fall colors best suited for the day, don’t be afraid to be fearlessly bold with a professional business casual look. If you’re tired of continuously being seated at the kids’ table, this outfit will be sure to show all of the elder family members that you’re mature and ultimately, a successful adult, (or well, at least pretending to be -- fake it til’ you make it). 

Pair a neutral colored blazer with a recommended white/black sleeveless mock neck or a deep-v bodysuit. To soften up the fit’s vibe, throw on some classy mom jeans, dark or light, with or without holes, to forge the final product together. As for shoes, there is no other answer than some ankle high booties or a pair of pointed toe heels. 


Ruffled dresses 

This option is destined for the girls who search for any excuse to wear a dress. The thought of ruffled dresses may seem frilly and girly at first -- though nothing wrong with that -- but in reality they can be incredibly fashionable and chic. Simply type in “neutral colored ruffled dresses” into your browser, and simple, elegant flowy baby doll-like dresses will appear from posh stores like ASOS, Princess Polly and more. Curl your hair, put on some soft makeup and you will be guaranteed to feel polished and gorgeous. 


Overall dresses atop turtlenecks 

Overalls have been in and stayed in. Even more so, overall dresses have gained greater popularity and admiration. Corduroy fall colored overalls are an excellent Thanksgiving day pick. They are trendy and timeless. With respect to what should be worn underneath, the options are endless. However, a solid colored or even stripe patterned turtleneck would look best. If the temperature is low and the weather chillier, sample with different kinds of tights and stockings. Think sheer, lace, texture and knit ones. 


Sweater dress with knee highs 

Though this outfit might sound somewhat fancy, it could quite possibly be one of the more -- if not the most -- comfortable option. Think about it, you’re basically just wearing one large soft sweater with no pants to constrict you while eating. It’s the best of both worlds: cozy and cute all in one. Yes, the knee highs could potentially be difficult to walk in, so make sure the heel isn’t too high. If the fit seems primarily boring to you, throw a belt around the waist, a hat atop the head and suddenly you’re looking like you’re straight out of a magazine. 


Corduroy/plaid pants paired with a beanie and Doc Martens

This fit may seem oddly specific, but trust us, if you prefer to dress on the grungier more thrifty side of fashion, look no further, we got you. Corduroy pants are all the hype. Whichever color you may have or are looking to buy, they are probably exceptionally dope. The same goes for plaid pants. The pants themselves are the whole fit, so feel free to wear whatever your heart desires on top. Maybe this could be a graphic tee with a long sleeve underneath or a simple off the shoulder cashmere sweater . To accessorize, try a beanie. Lastly, Doc Martens usually look appropriate with just about anything, but with fun pants like corduroy or plaid ones, they will be sure to be the icing on the cake. 


Classic sweater and leggings 

For some, dressing up just may not be their thing. And we get it, looking lavish just to eat a lot of fatty foods seems a little outlandish when you deliberate it. So, if you’re someone who just doesn’t see the point of getting dolled up, throw on a pair of leggings to hide your food baby and simply wear a warm sweater on top, to make it look like you at least tried. Because, let’s face it, no one needs the unwanted comments from mom or grandma. Don’t get it twisted though, you will still look bomb, and can even spruce up the comfy fit with some statement jewelry or a sassy pair of shoes, like the model below.