We’ve all grown accustomed to a virtual world with all the Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings we’ve suffered through this year. Of course, we’ve had to slowly adapt to these changes and although for some it has been a drag but for others it has given them a sense of leisure. Many people have used this leisure to dive into gaming, and that’s exciting given the release of next-generation consoles. Throughout the course of the week, the world has been introduced to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, and its smaller companion the Xbox Series S and Sony’s PlayStation 5. 

These next generation consoles have opened new outlets to an entirely different experience for those who love gaming. Although there may be some bias as to which game console people prefer, both consoles have new features that enhance the virtual experience and make it seem as if people are actually in the game. 

Some may be more attracted to the PlayStation 5, which came out earlier today, and there are a lot of features that are certainly an upgrade from the previous PlayStation 4. The new DualSense Wireless Controller provides users a better engaged gaming experience with improved haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone. With these new enhancements, the surround sound will allow users to become immersed in the gaming experience as best as possible. Not only will you hear the sounds of the games better but you will feel the motion of the games as well. The adaptive triggers on the controller will effectively help users feel the impact of the in-game experience.

This will be especially crucial to people, like myself, who plan on purchasing NBA 2K21 and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PlayStation 5. Feeling the contact of blocks and alley-oops in NBA 2K21 will be impressive to experience and also the collisions and damages in the new Spider-Man game. 

Probably the most important aspect of the next-generation gaming experience are the graphics. Particularly in NBA 2K21, the players faces are far more detailed than they are in the current version on the PlayStation 4. Players like Stephen Curry have truly been upgraded in terms of body type and facial structure. Even the small details such as sweat running down their skin adds to the real-life atmosphere that the game provides. The in-game experience is also unique. Users are equipped with more enhanced game modes like The Park and online features that offer a better sense of community for people who are avid members of the 2K community.

In spite of the hype revolving around each console, unfortunately most people probably won’t be able to purchase them any time soon. Microsoft and Sony have both struggled to meet the demand. For instance, the Xbox Series X/S came out on November 10 and the system sold out within seconds on Walmart’s website. The PlayStation 5 will sell out instantly upon release date as well, considering how high the demand is, and that the supply is increasingly low. However, many people have shown interest in both systems and are certainly on everyone’s Christmas list. Hopefully, soon users will be able to become more involved in this new virtual world with the purchase of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. 

Isaiah Underwood is a senior studying creative writing at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk to Isaiah? Email him iu137516@ohio.edu.