Music sensation Billie Eilish released her third single of this calendar year Thursday, titled “Therefore I Am.” The song, as well as her self-directed music video, has amassed 10s of millions of streams, 30 million of which are from YouTube alone. The song and music video dropped only days after Eilish’s “Bad Guy” surpassed 1 billion streams on the video streaming platform.

What makes the song so enticing? Is it the lyrics saying to cut the BS? The atypical music video directly aimed at body-shamers? A catchy beat? Try all of the above. Having a memorable song is only as good as the meaning behind it, and Eilish wasn’t playing around. Eilish is featured in her iconic attire, consisting of oversized clothes and impeccable style. Conversations have come up in the past as to why she chooses to wear the things she does, but it really shouldn’t be anyone’s concern but hers.

"It is me saying: look, there is a body underneath these clothes and you don't get to see it," she said in an article with British GQ. The music video consists of Eilish in an empty mall living her best life, snagging pretzels, chips, whatever she wanted and all because she can, obviously unfettered by those actively trying to sexualize her or demean her physically. While the lyrics show little variation, it only accentuates the message Eilish is trying to promote: she doesn’t care what other people think; she belongs to herself, and she always will. 

Eilish is scheduled to perform her new song Nov. 22 at the American Music Awards, where she’s nominated for two more awards this year: favorite alternative rock artist and favorite social artist. She previously performed her hit song “All The Good Girls Go To Hell” at the AMAs in 2019.