#WitchTok has gained overwhelming presence on TikTok — the hashtag garnering over 6 billion views. Users show off their skills in spirituality practices such as astrology and tarot to connect with an audience and the universe. 

One of the most popular creators on #WitchTok, Jenny Chang (@iamjennychang) started sharing tarot card readings on the platform back in April, but she’s always had a special connection to the universe. Initially starting her own event-planning business at age 19, she began to unveil her connection to spirituality and to the universe.

“For 11 years prior to that, I really suppressed a lot of my intuition,” Chang said. “I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be normal. I was struggling to understand what (my intuition) was.”

Once she gave in to her talent of spirituality, Chang practiced meditation and other forms of spirituality. She eventually began doing tarot card readings after her boyfriend bought her a set of cards.

“As soon as I got the cards, it was insane,” Chang said. “I would be giving readings and not knowing what I’m saying. Suddenly, people would be crying in front of my face.” 

For about a year, Chang only did readings for her close friends and family. But she eventually decided to share her passion on social media. Though she’s only been on the app for about seven months, she has over 1.3 million followers. 

Chang said that tarot card readings and other mystical practices are popular on the platform. Spirituality leaders like her want to use it to share their practices, specifically because of TikTok’s algorithm of relaying messages to users and its audience of open-minded people. 

“Gen Z are going to be the ones who normalize this relationship we have toward the universal by-laws,” Chang said. “I believe that Millennials are meant to teach Gen-Zs to do something about the connection toward the universe and spirituality. There’s a grand number of people who are open to astrology and spirituality in any shape or form.”

TikTok’s algorithm plays a huge role in sending messages and readings to users. Even though the idea of readings popping up is simple, many are skeptical due to scammers. Chang said that there are many ways to decipher when a reading is truly for them.

“Try to find the (card readers) that are on the spot,” Chang said. “Just try and find someone who is actually shuffling in front of you and organically allowing the messages to fall into place. Listen to your intuition of that message. And if that message makes you uncomfortable and insecure, then leave it, and know that message wasn’t for you.”

Chang also said that her method of doing readings is complete honesty with the viewer, whether the message is good or bad. 

“I revolve my communication around a language where it's unapologetic,” Chang said. “It’s real. I communicate my messages where it’s heard, it’s understood, and it empowers you all at the same time. Even if the message hurts, it still somehow empowers you.”

Another one of Chang’s specializations is the manifestation method of visualization. 

Manifestations are goals or wishes one wants to occur. In Chang’s book, “The Art of Visualization,” Chang walks readers through visualizing what they want to help them achieve it. The book gives a guide to anyone wanting to manifest something or someone into their lives.

“We all go through the process of wanting something, but there’s a difference between wanting something and going into the journey of creating it,” Chang said. “There’s a whole journey that everyone has to walk through, and it starts with visualization. You’ve got to trust in divine timing and surrender what it is that you want.”

Many are skeptical of spirituality and mystical practices. Chang’s advice to those who are doubtful is to stay open-minded and trust their intuition when they see a reading or message on TikTok.

“Even if you’re a skeptic, you’ll know when a message comes across and it’s for you,” Chang said. “People like me don’t put out content for anyone specific. We put out content because it’s our calling. We’re sending out messages and sending out what it is that’s going to help people get onto their path.”