Who would have thought that in the year 2021 we’d be digging through our closets from 2008 for fashion inspo? Not us. Still, we can’t complain about the early 2000s and icons like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton becoming chic again. 

Amidst pandemic times of bleakness and hopelessness, fashion trends are here to help one prompt liveliness and express creativity even while staying inside. That being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the purples, pinks and pastels that defined the early onset of the decade, are the answer to everyone’s style identity crisis. 

If you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t exactly sure which staples dominated the early 2000s, we’re here to help you figure out which Y2K items to piece together and where you can buy them online. 

Outfit No. 1: Detailed mini tank with flare legged, light wash denim, paired with a baby cardigan, a headscarf and mini purse

Remember those teeny tiny lace lined tanks you used to buy from Justice? Well they’re back and cuter than ever. Pastel colored baby tanks lined in the same color, but a different variation, or even a completely different color, are all the rage. In the winter, a cropped, button up pastel cardigan can be thrown over for a more seasoned appropriate look. To top off the look, throw on some baggy or bootlegged light-washed low-rise (or preferably, high rise -- because let’s face it, we’re still not, and will never be ready for the return of low rise)  jeans. 

The early 2000s were all about accessorizing, especially with the simple addition of a mini handbag or a silk head scarf or bandana. Toss one over your shoulder, tie a satin head scarf around your hair and pop on that baby pink lip gloss and boom, you are set to hit the town. 

Oh, and shoes? We know you already have some Air Force Ones or Adidas Superstars in your closet, and honestly, they’ll match perfectly. 

The sites regarding where to buy each item are linked below: 

Outfit No. 2: Matching fuzzy tank and cardigan with pleated plaid skirt 

Based on our last look, I am sure you can tell the tank and cardigan duo went together like salt and pepper back in the day, and the trend is here to stay. Similar, yet different, is the pairing of a monochromatic pastel set consisting of a fuzzy tank and a coordinating cardigan. To spice up the entire fit, a plaid pleated skirt, in the same color family will have you looking straight out of Clueless, but make it modern. Pack it up, Cher. 

The sites regarding where to buy each item are linked below: 

Outfit No. 3: Oversized graphic paired with a puffer, baggy jeans and a bucket hat 

Cute but casual, comes the vintage graphic tee, we all know and love. Oversized, or cropped, the outfit is yours. Anything from a band tee to a crop top with a Bratz doll on it, we know it’ll look fab. To add a little bit of pizazz, pair it with a cropped, shiny puffer jacket of a color of your choosing. 

Baggy jeans are a Y2K essential that go with just about anything, even a graphic and puffer, so be sure to add a pair to your shopping cart. 

To make the fit a little less mundane, purchase a bucket hat to tie the look together. Patterned, or pastel, it will undoubtedly be the cherry on top.  

The sites regarding where to buy each item are linked below: 

For all of your item needs we recommend shopping Amazon, Princess Polly, Nasty Gal, Shein and Brandy Melville. Happy shopping!