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Police Blotter: Livestock frightened by explosives; semitruck loses tires

Lock Up Your Meds

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office received a call Monday regarding stolen prescription medications. The caller said she found multiple of her prescription medications missing when she returned home from her trip to Columbus that day.

The case is still under investigation.

Frightened Farm Friends

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded Monday to noise on Joy Road in Sharpsburg. Neighbors were setting off explosives that were disrupting his livestock, the caller said. 

Officers spoke with the neighbors and told them to stop setting off explosives.

Keep a Lookout

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded Tuesday to a suspicious persons report on Sycamore Street in Chauncey. The caller said she saw three suspicious men walking around and believed they were planning to break into her home. 

Deputies patrolled the area but did not see any of the men.

Just a Time-out

The Athens County Sheriff’s office responded to Lake Drive in Trimble on Tuesday in regard to a suspicious persons report. 

When officers arrived, they found a man and woman walking together down the road. The couple said that they were in a fight with another family member and were taking a walk to avoid more problems. 

A Semi-Mishap

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded Tuesday to State Route 682 near The Ridges for a semi-truck with blown-out tires. The vehicle was moved to a safer place with the assistance of the Athens Police Department and Ohio State Highway Patrol.


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