Racist TikToks posted by an Ohio University student were brought up during the Student Speakout portion of Student Senate on Wednesday. 

Nia Dumas, a junior at Ohio University, spoke about how she believed the student needs to receive further punishment for his actions from the university than what he has been given. She also pointed out the impact the student’s actions had on students of color at the university. 

“I think that his scholarship should be taken away and there should be other punishment besides the educational workshop because his presence is threatening the students of color at the university,” Dumas said. 

The university sent out an email regarding that issue and are looking into it as well. 

President Ian Carter II said he was grateful that Dumas took the time to speak to the senate, and he encouraged more students to participate during the Student Speakout portion of the meetings.

Student Senate then focused on several new opportunities for OU students to get involved on campus while still staying safe during the pandemic. There are many new opportunities for students to get involved, including events during the Ohio University Founders Day, new outdoor programming, and Pride Week. 

“I wanted to share that we are doing some outdoor activities with Outdoor Pursuits that I think will be really fun for people looking to do things outdoors,” Patricia McSteen, advisor for Student Senate, said. 

Ohio University Founders Day is on Thursday, and the university is holding several events to commemorate this occasion. 

“Tomorrow is a special day in Ohio University history, it is our Founder’s Day,” Jenny Hall-Jones, advisor for Student Senate, said. “We turn 217 tomorrow… One of the things that they are planning on doing if you happen to be in Athens, is a t-shirt swap.”

For the t-shirt swap, students have to bring any other university t-shirt to swap in for a new “Forever Ohio” t-shirt. That event will take place next Thursday. 

The budget committee is additionally at quorum, which means that Student Senate can finally use its budget. One of the things that Treasurer Eliza Ivan has been working on because of this is Pride Week with Molly Davis, LGBTQIA Affairs commissioner. 

More resolutions were passed during the meeting to appoint new officers to positions. Two new people, Sarah Packard and Megan Handle were appointed as Senators to the Committee on the Budget. Carter II congratulated these new appointees. 

“I would like to start off by congratulating everyone who was appointed tonight,” Carter II said. “You were picked for this position because we saw potential in you and we know you will be great serving on Student Senate.”

Kelly Broughton, Assistant Dean for Research & Education Services, shared a presentation during the meeting about a new Student Library Advisory Board. Broughton was looking for people who may be interested in joining and provided information about what it would entail. 

“Student representatives will attend meetings, provide insights about students’ academic needs and uses of the Libraries, share ideas for promoting library services and events, and provide feedback for improving library programs, services, and spaces,” Broughton shared on her presentation slide. 

Meetings would generally take place four times a year and she is looking for students who are interested to contact her within the next week to 10 days.