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Matt James’ long-tem BFF is making a special appearance at the mansion this week. Photo provided by @bachelorabc via Twitter). 

TV Review: Tyler C. gets pranked, Heather Martin makes shocking return on ‘The Bachelor’

We’re in for a treat this week, rose lovers. Hint: It starts with Tyler and ends with Cameron. Matt James’ long-term BFF is making a special appearance at the mansion this week. With the mean girl squad finally dethroned and sent home, he couldn’t have picked a better week for a quick visit. 

Aside from Cameron’s cameo this week, he’s not the only one showing up for The Bachelor. Remember “Never Been Kissed” Heather from Colton Underwood’s season? Yeah, we kind of forgot about her, too. Apparently, she’s interested in Matt and just had to come fight for him after Hannah Brown mentioned how perfect they would be together. Surely, the other girls will have a field day with the news of the recent addition to the already tense competition. Let’s recap:

Best “see ya never”: MJ finally getting the boot

We picked up right where we left off last week, with Jessenia and MJ in the hot seat. After MJ’s “varsity” and “JV” comment to divide the new girls from the original girls, it was only a matter of time before someone spoke up. The mission to send all the main mean girls home honestly felt like a witch hunt in the house, and MJ was the last one to go. 

During the two-on-one, it was obvious that MJ was getting booted after she immaturely handled the situation. “Stop talking … My actions speak louder than my words. I lead by example,” she screamed at Jessenia. If “leading by example” means verbally abusing the other girls and creating the toxic environment she did, we don’t want any part of it. 

Jessenia stands her ground to Matt, telling him the truth about MJ’s hurtful comments and that she’s there for him 100%. 

"MJ, our connection is undeniable … Jessenia, you said from night one that you wanted someone to be your rock. You were willing to be that, and I feel that … MJ, I can't give you this rose,” Matt says before walking MJ out to the Reject SUV.

Bye, Meredith!

Worst play: Heather Martin showing up mid-season

So, like, you couldn’t just wait for Bachelor in Paradise that’s nearly two months away?

As nice as it is to see familiar faces from Bachelor Nation, Heather Martin randomly showing up for Matt mid-season is just downright tone deaf. 

It’s really a selfish slap in the face to all the other women who have quarantined and been stuck in the mansion for eight weeks for the sake of Matt. Then, all of the sudden, here comes “Never Been Kissed” Heather from two seasons ago … for no reason.

With the amount of drama that has already erupted in the house and how the girls previously reacted to new contestants, this was just a production disaster. 

The moment she rolled up to the mansion asking to join the show, Chris Harrison should’ve just told her “Not a chance! See ya in paradise!” and left it at that. 

But as we all know: The Bachelor is the name, drama is the game.

Most sexy for doing nothing: Tyler C.

If you’re watching episode six solely for the Tyler C. content, do yourself a favor and skip to the last 30 minutes. Don’t come for me, but after six weeks, it’s easy to see that this season would have been much more enjoyable with Tyler as the lead. 

We saw more personality and wisdom out of him in a mere 30 minutes than we’ve seen out of Matt all season. Not only is he the most attractive person to ever bless Bachelor Nation, but he has a heart of gold to match. I digress.

Anywho, Matt and Katie’s one-on-one involves pranking Tyler during a massage. The two give the masseuse instructions to mess with Tyler through a secret mic. “Twist his nipples,” Matt tells the masseuse. Tyler seems unfazed of course, while Katie and Matt are backstage laughing together.

"Katie's the perfect date. She's hilarious," Matt raves. "I was dying." 

Unfortunately, she’s not the one, Matt says. After such an amazing date and obvious chemistry between the two, no one saw it coming. 

“You've been honest with me, and I owe the same honesty to you, and the truth is my relationship with some of the other women in the house has progressed further along than ours has up until this point. And I can't give you this rose tonight," he tells her.

It’s OK, though. She’s perfect Bachelorette material. *Wink, wink.*

Here’s how fans reacted on Twitter:


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