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8 trademarks of 2020 quarantine culture

2020 quarantine feels like it began yesterday and, at the same time, long ago. Regardless of your perception, it's officially been a year since quarantine began. Looking back on the socially distant span of our lives can leave one wondering “how did we pass the time?”

While trying to make sense of life at home, “quarantine culture” emerged. Going to the gym was replaced with at-home workouts, and eating out was replaced by trying new recipes.

It’s time to reminisce on a totally bizarre year. Here are eight things we all did in 2020 that became quarantine culture:

Binge-watched Tiger King

In March 2020 and April 2020, everyone knew the names Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Tiger King is a Netflix true-crime documentary that told the story of Exotic, a zookeeper and convicted felon. The show blew up in popularity for its quirky stars and wild plot line.

Made bread

With time to spare, people turned to the old-fashioned art of making bread. Its rise (no pun intended) in baking popularity has many reasons. Bread consists of simple ingredients, easy instructions and a crowd-pleasing taste. 

Carb lovers united during quarantine, making loaves of sourdough and banana bread to last them through the never-ending days.

Watched talk shows

Whether they were late-night or daytime, talk shows were forced to take an odd turn in 2020. Live audiences were replaced with empty chairs. Hosts adapted to a virtual format. Talk shows essentially turned into watching a celebrity Zoom call. Hosts filmed from home, and guests were called in, like your Monday morning office meeting.

Played Animal Crossing

While the outside world was uncertain with the coronavirus, people turned to the comforting virtual escape of Animal Crossing. Compared to video games like Call of Duty, Animal Crossing is soothing and low stress. There is no real goal, making it a socially interactive game where you can do whatever you please.

Solved puzzles

Puzzles, a tedious hobby usually reserved for those over age 60, became a hit pastime. People finally had the time to slow down and try to figure out how to put together a 1,000-piece image of the Eiffel Tower. Puzzles became such a hit that they were often sold out, and their prices increased.

Hoarded toilet paper

Going to the grocery store became an exciting adventure in 2020. Walking down the paper goods aisle, however, was a place of mayhem and madness. Toilet paper shelves were emptied by people afraid of having nothing to wipe with. 

When they were restocked, signs warned "only one item per household." What were people doing with all of that toilet paper? Are there some people still working through their stockpiles?

Chloe Ting workouts

Gyms were closed, and the "quarantine-15" was a looming presence. So, many turned to YouTuber and fitness influencer Chloe Ting. She is known for her challenging and effective workouts, especially ab circuits.


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