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Let’s all hope Bri gets her dream job back that she resigned from to be on the show. (Photo provided by @bachelorabc via Instagram). 

TV Review: Matt forgives his father, Bri gets sent home after Fantasy Suites on ‘The Bachelor’

We’re all going to need a massage after this season, rose lovers. What should’ve been the most historical, beautiful, heart-warming season of The Bachelor has proved to be anything but. Matt James’ season was supposed to go up in glory as the franchise’s first Black lead but instead will only be tainted by the racist accusations and comments that overshadowed it off-screen.

With so much drama in the house, racist controversy with Chris Harrison and Rachel Kirkconnell and just utter chaos within the whole franchise, I just want to know who cursed this season because it’s straight from the pits of hell. 

Although we had a week hiatus from our regularly scheduled season, we had no shortage of drama on arguably the worst Women Tell All in all of Bachelor history. The girls were ruthless, showed no remorse for their behaviors and apparently half the season was cut from airing? The Tell All showed several dates, group activities and even an appearance from Tayshia Adams that all never made the final cut.

Anywho, it’s fantasy suites week! It’s hard to feel good about The Bachelor these days. However, this week was a breath of fresh air with no drama, intimate conversations and much-needed apologies. Let’s recap:  

Heaviest moment: Matt’s dad

If you’ve been against Matt this season, this moment during the episode might change your mind. Matt comes off as a person who has their entire life figured out, but he’s also someone who has seriously gone through it in the past. 

During the season premiere, he briefly mentioned how he was raised by his single mother, and he grew up having little-to-no relationship with his dad. Even at 29 years old, Matt has said time and time again that he has “never been in love.” He’s also stated the inability stems from the walls he built up and commitment issues that formed from watching his parents’ broken marriage. Before the fantasy suites began, Matt’s dad shockingly arrived. The two sat down as Matt tried to make sense of his childhood insecurities and understand some of the decisions his father made in regards to infidelity and neglect. 

It was bumpy at first as Matt attempted to have an intelligent, thoughtful conversation with his father, who provided him with no answers. “You gotta just get over it,” he told Matt. 

“When I needed you, you weren’t there,” he replied. “That affected me.”

The pain was all over Matt’s face, and it looked like things were turning for the worse until his dad finally apologized. 

After some tense moments, Matt told his father he wants to move forward. Before falling in love and opening himself up for the first time in his life, he finally forgave the person who made it impossible his entire life. 

“I’m not the man my dad is. Just because I’m his son doesn’t mean I have to follow in his footsteps,” he said after hugging his dad. 

Best morning-after scene: Bri

Bri has been a long-standing fan favorite since the beginning. She’s intelligent; she’s poised; she’s beautiful; she even has a past that is similar to Matt’s. However, the chemistry between these two just isn’t there. Even when you want it to be so bad.

Matt’s second date was with Bri, who he took camping in the middle of the woods, which was a lot less sexy than the butter and bathtub date that Michelle got. Bri described herself as someone who is anything but outdoors-y. The two spent the afternoon roasting marshmallows, and Matt even told her they were going to sleep in a tent. Obviously, he was kidding because Bri probably would’ve lost it.

When the two sat down for dinner, Matt immediately began opening up about his conversation with his dad. Bri listened, but it was a little awkward when she just started completely talking about herself and her own relationship with her own dad. It was clear she was just trying to relate, but she didn’t offer any support or acknowledgment to Matt.

Fantasy suites mean overnight dates, the camera crew giving some privacy for one night only, and the fast cut to the couple nonchalantly emerging from the bed the next morning. But there’s always one morning-after scene that is just so blatantly obvious there was no sleeping going on. Bri was our bright eyed and bushy tailed girl this season. They even made breakfast in the morning. 

However, it all comes down to the chemistry and the love, both of which just aren’t there. Unfortunately, she gets sent home in the end. Let’s all hope she gets her dream job back that she resigned from to be on the show.

Best date: Rachael

All right, Rachael has rightfully received a lot of heat lately for her past racist actions. She has since posted an apology video after being silenced by producers following the accusations. 

Although fans are still mad and Bachelor Nation is divided amid the controversy, it is very clear Matt and Rachael have the strongest connection as a couple. Matt is a completely different person around Rachael. She’s the only person he’s admitted to falling for, and it would be downright shocking at this point if he didn’t choose her.

Rachael was struggling all week as she watched Bri and Michelle have their fantasy suite nights before her. Girl, we’d feel the same. When it finally came to her date, Rachael had lost all the confidence in her relationship with Matt. He quickly could tell something was off when she was being short and distant despite not seeing him for over a week. 

The two sat down and hashed things out because everything was just getting awkward. Matt tried to reaffirm his feelings by telling her how frightened he was after the sky diving fall when Rachel basically crashed into the earth. He followed up by telling her, once again, he’s falling in love with her. It’s comical at this point because the other two remaining women have admitted their love, and the only reply he gives is “thank you for sharing.” Clearly, he’s serious about Rachael. 

Her date may have been delayed, but Matt certainly saved his favorite for last. 

Here’s how fans reacted on Twitter:


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