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Eco-friendly activities to celebrate Earth Day

Take time this Earth Day to give back to the planet because after all, it is our home. But, who says giving back has to be boring? Celebrate Earth Day with these five eco-friendly activities: 

Go plogging

Plogging is an activity that combines jogging with picking up litter. It originated in Sweden as a way to exercise and clean up the Earth at the same time. When going on a run, bring a bag to pick up litter you see along the way. Grab your friends and make it a competition by seeing who can collect the most trash.

Start a garden

Put the cliché “green thumb” into action by growing a garden. Make healthy and delicious meals with homegrown produce. Help save the bee population by planting flowers. If you don’t have a yard, create a window garden. Window gardens are perfect for growing greens like herbs and microgreens. 

Try a new form of transportation

Cut down on toxic emissions by leaving the car parked this Earth Day. Instead, travel by bike and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. Or, take public transportation like a bus. If taking a car is absolutely necessary, carpool with family and friends to cut down on vehicle use. 

Swap-out products in your daily routine

Pollution greatly contributes to the deterioration of the planet. Products that are one-use-only or heavily packaged in plastic are used every day. Reduce the amount of plastic in your everyday routine by making eco-friendly swaps. 

Trade your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. Trade one-time plastic Ziploc baggies for reusable. Bring reusable bags to the store for your groceries and carry a cute reusable water bottle instead of the single-use plastic kind.

Make a bird feeder out of recycled products 

Get crafty this Earth Day by creating a bird feeder out of recycled materials. Use household items or turn to your garbage bin for items like a plastic bottle, a Styrofoam plate, or an old teacup. Puncture holes in the item for attaching twine or a string so it can hang on a stand or on a tree. Before you know it birds will be flocking to your side of the block. 


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