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Dwight Eisenhower standing in front of a portrait of John Adams, who enacted the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 (Photo provided via @HalloweenYrRnd on Twitter)

TV Review: The audience sees a familiar face on ‘AHS: Double Feature’

Last week on AHS: Double Feature part two, “Death Valley,” the audience was left with not much excitement, except for Sarah Paulson’s Mamie Eisenhower being taken over by the aliens and Isaac Cole Powell’s Troy going into labor. Last week’s episode left much to be desired, but this week had a bit more action to report. 

Though the audience was sure the AHS creators were channeling the alien conspiracy theory vibes for this season, this episode confirms that and more. The audience gets a look into what government officials know about the truth behind Area 51, the procreation of alien/human species and even the first moon landing being faked in an Area 51 studio rather than on the actual moon – directed by Stanley Kubrick, might I add.

As for the plot of the show, Mamie (Paulson) and Dwight (Neal McDonough) are pushed further apart as Mamie sleeps with Valiant Thor (Fern) and Dwight continues to go through moral dilemmas to keep the secret of aliens from the public. 

On the plus side (for some), the Americans are gaining new technology from the aliens that is helping them to beat competing countries and create more control over the human population so they can constantly keep the public living in fear. This will continue to be a theme in the season, I’m guessing. As technology advances for the U.S., we’ll find it really came from the aliens.

Meanwhile, Troy gives birth to his baby. Though he was scared at first, he’s now more excited and ready to bond with his half alien, half human child. However, Angelica Ross’ alien doctor character says the baby has too many physical abnormalities, and murders the baby in front of Troy. 

He is visibly upset, and begs the alien doctor to tell him why she did it.

“To be human is to not understand,” she said.

Troy goes back to tell the others, and Calico (Leslie Grossman) comes over to give them a piece of advice and share her backstory to ease their pain. Rather, this just sets them up for unfortunate expectations of what their life will be now that they’re the official babymakers of Area 51. 

This episode ends with Cal (Nico Greetham) going into labor, but instead of being ready to deliver the baby, he wants to find more time for him and Troy to spend with their child. So Troy decides to deliver the baby himself in the secret fake moon landing studio. The scene is excruciatingly gory, but results in the few happy seconds of the couple. 

However, when the child sprouts octopus tentacles and attacks Cal, the couple may realize their plan wasn’t the best idea when they didn’t know what they were dealing with. 

The past two episodes haven’t been the most interesting, although I’ll admit this episode was very funny in terms of the conspiracy theory connections and amazing to see good old Cody Fern. The next episode promises to see the first successful human/alien hybrid, so hopefully there’ll be more excitement then. 

American Horror Story: Double Feature airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 


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