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Emotions were soaring high on episode three of ‘The Bachelorette’ (Photo provided via @bacheloretteabc on Instagram)

TV Review: Love soars to new levels, Jamie gets sent home on the ‘Bachelorette’

Rose lovers, this week love and drama soars to new levels. Our guys are working hard to build Michelle’s trust back after an emotional ending to last week's events. Michelle’s confidence and trust were shaken after Jamie brought to her attention that the men were skeptical of her having a “previous relationship with Joe.” This week, Michelle started fresh and was ready for the men to build back her trust. 

Two group dates gave the guys some extra time to put some effort in building back their relationships. In short, Underdog Rodney went on a one-on-one with Michelle and had the opportunity to open up, Doughboy Peter and Little Willy had some serious drama and tension that left Will in tears, Jamie is our new villain. Here are a few highlights from episode three of The Bachelorette:

Top Gun-inspired group date

Our men took a trip this week to the “danger zone” at Palm Springs Air Museum. Michelle was testing our men both mentally and physically through a variety of obstacles. The men suited up and were ready to face the push up exercise, G-force simulator and dog fight head on. 

Michelle expressed what she wanted to see from the men from the group date, “I feel like the danger zone can be different for different people. Vulnerability. Commitment. And after last week and losing trust, I wanna see if they persevere through or if they quit.” 

She wanted to see what men would twist and turn for her love and who was going to crash and burn. During the G-force simulator, tension between Doughboy Peter and Little Willy broke out. Will copied Peter’s idea of expressing his love to Michelle in Italian and instead put his own twist on it and expressed himself in Spanish. 

Peter states, “He’s fake. He came at me since day one. If the dude keeps running his mouth, I got something for that and I’m gonna have to take him out maverick style.” Will ended up being named the “Maverick” of the group and was awarded a bomber jacket. 

Doughboy Peter vs Little Willy 

Peter and Will have been at each other's throats since the first group date. At the cocktail party following the group date, the two started to verbally attack one another.  

Peter made comments to Will such as, “You’re not a man. You’re a bully. You’re gonna crumble in life.” Will eventually walked away from Peter’s verbal attacks and went to spend some time with Michelle. While Will was talking to Michelle, Peter put on Will’s Maverick jacket and threw it in the pool. 

“The dude’s gonna get a little taste of his own medicine and I had to put him in his place,” says Peter.

When Will returned, he learned about Peter’s actions and expressed, “This dude has really pushed my buttons from day one. I am hurt beyond words. I earned that jacket. That jacket was mine.” Will decides to man-up and let go of the drama for the sake of Michelle having a drama-free night. King. While Michelle might not know about Will’s chivalrous actions, they did not go unseen. 

Obviously, Will silently won this one.

Underdog Rodney goes on his first one-on-one 

Rodney “apple-lutely” killed it one his first one-on-one with Michelle. In the beginning of the date, Michelle spoke about her thoughts about Rodney saying, “He is somebody who has caught me by surprise. He’s shown me his goofy side.  He’s told me that he sees himself as the underdog. So, I want to use this time to explore  whether or not this can be a romantic connection.” 

Michelle was hoping to see a more serious side to Rodney’s goofy personality on their one-on-one date. The two spent their date doing different “truth or dare” tasks that ended in a lot of laughs, including Rodney stripping down naked and running through the hotel lobby. Britallant work, producers. 

At the end, the two sat down and had a more vulnerable conversation. Rodney expressed, “I can definitely envision Michelle as my future wife,  my best friend and my partner in crime.” Michelle felt that Rodney really chipped away from the friend zone and started to make his way to the relationship zone. 

At the end, she revealed her feelings about Rodney, “You spoke about being an underdog and that you felt like you're not the tallest person in the room, you’re not the best-looking person in the room, which I can disagree with. But, I really do not see you as an underdog. I see your heart. I see how much you’re willing to love and invest yourself in a relationship.” Their date ended with our underdog receiving a rose and a kiss. 

Jamie gets the chopping block early

At the beginning of the week, the men discussed their concerns on the “rat” who shook Michelle’s confidence last week. Many of the men were starting to become skeptical of Jamie’s intentions. His cocky personality this week was starting to bring forth his insecurities. 

During their poetry themed date, Jamie “lost” his book with his poem and began to freestyle his entire poem. Brandon started to catch-on to Jamie’s insecurities and said, “Jamie had some weird TED Talk that wasn’t to Michelle. It was to all of us about a rabbit down a road. Jamie’s insecurities are showing now and that’s a trust issue.” 

After Jamie’s unusual poem, the men started to see Jamie’s sketchy persona arise. Rick was really conflicted by the “rat” in their midst. During the cocktail party, Rick wanted to talk to Michelle about the conversations she had last week. Michelle confides in Rick and tells him that Jamie is the one who questioned her character last week. 

Rick was blown away and said, “Jamie manipulated Michelle with the intention of earning her trust, putting other guys under the bus, and just making them look bad. How did he think he would get away with this?” 

Afterwards, Rick exposed Jamie to the other men and a lot of hostility broke out among the men. Michelle wanted to confront this head on by calling Jamie out and saying, “This drama was created around my character. I am very hurt by you right now. I don’t trust you at this moment, and I have to be done with it, and so I do think it’s best that I walk you out tonight.” Michelle had no mercy for Jamie and he was sent home. She knows what she wants and is picking out the weeds. 

Michelle said goodbye to Jamie, LT, Peter, Spencer and Mollique this week. As the number of men are starting to decline the competition is starting to heat-up. Hopefully, next week we will see a little less drama from our men with Peter and Jamie out of the picture and a little more focus on building relationships. 


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