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Johnathen Graziano, wakes up his elderly pug from his doggy dreams to determine if Noodles has bones for the day (Photo via Jonathan Graziano, @showmenoodz on Instagram). 

Bones or no bones day? Noodles the 13 year old pug has all your answers

Is it a bones or no bones day? That’s the question TikTokers have been asking themselves since the rise of Noodles the pug. This 13-year-old chubby pug has become a TikTok sensation. Noodles’ human, Johnathan Graziano, wakes up his elderly pug from his doggy dreams to determine if Noodles has bones for the day. 

Every morning Graziano attempts to sit Noodles up and if he stands for a few seconds it is a “bones day”. This means it will be a very productive day. It will be a day to work hard and get done all your daily tasks and projects you have been putting off. However, if Noodles falls limp it is a “no bones day”. This means it is a day to be lazy, a day to focus on all things self-care whether that’s lounging in pajamas, taking a warm bubble bath or getting yourself a tasty treat, a “no bones day” is all about you. 

Graziano always adds a comical-upbeat voiceover to his daily “bones or no bones” readings. Graziano did make clear that a “no bones day” is not considered a bad day. A “no bones day” is a day to just take a little time to take care of yourself because that is what our favorite little fur baby Noodles is doing with his day. Some of Noodles' fans joke that their mental health and daily motivation is in his paws. 

Noodles the pug’s super-fan Jamison Gear discusses how much Noodles’ daily readings influence her day, “When he says it’s a bones day, I feel happier and more ready to get stuff accomplished. It is very motivational for some reason. ‘No bones days’ gives me permission to take care of myself and really refresh from the previous ‘bones days.’“ 

Noodles the pug and his human have given people an uplifting way to start their day. While many people turn to horoscopes and tarot card readings to see how their week will go, the “bones or no bones day” trend is a great universal way for everyone to start their day on a good note, either way. 

This adorable pug and his human have captured the hearts of 4 million TikTokers and counting. Many Noodles fans have created songs, artwork and TikToks about “bones and no bones days.” Noodles has even caught the attention of the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings won their game on a “no bones day” and posted a video via TikTok claiming their victory and paying homage to Noodles. 

Regardless of your interpretation of “bones or no bones days,” Noodles the pug and Graziano have created such an upbeat way for people to wake up and start their days. So now the real question is will tomorrow be a “bones or no bones day?”


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