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(Photo provided via @joeyb_9 on Instagram)

Joe Burrow's top 10 strangest social media posts, ranked

Athens’ own Joe Burrow is quite the hot topic right now, as he helped to get the Cincinnati Bengals out of their 31-year playoff win drought. His recent wins with the team have led to his social media garnering much more attention, with many fans pointing out the hilarity and occasional weirdness of some of his older posts. It’s no doubt the football star has his quirky moments, especially on social media. 

With that said, here are Joe Burrow’s funniest and strangest posts from his middle school and early college years:

10. When he tweeted about his schoolwork

Honestly, everyone would love to announce that they are being a good student to thousands of followers. I mean, who wouldn’t want that validation? He has a plethora of other tweets that are very similar to this one in which he’s reminding everyone that not only is he a star on the field, but he is also a star in the classroom.

9. When he compared himself to The Wolf of Wall Street

This photo just screams 2019, and the coral shirt he’s wearing on in this is an absolute serve. However, regarding the caption, I doubt Joe Burrow was engaging in any sort of Wolf of Wall Street behavior while at this 1 p.m. Goldman-Sachs meeting. Not only does the reference make us roll our eyes, but it’s certainly one of his more lazier captions. I can’t lie, though: If I did anything on Wall Street, I would probably caption my photo the exact same thing. 

8. This tweet about one of the most frustrating apps of our time

Flappy Bird was easily the bane of everyone’s existence in 2014. If you had access to Twitter when Flappy Bird was popular, there is a 99% chance that you would have been tweeting out screenshots of my high scores. Joe Burrow does honestly seem like the type of guy who would play Flappy Bird in any free time he had.

7. When he posted this mid-workout picture

No one is forcing you to post, Joey. He acknowledged this is not a very flattering photo in the caption. However, it shows, just like us, even Joe Burrow has insecurities, too.

6. This post that is literally just a goat

“Mr. Graves” honestly looks pretty cool. A real stand-up goat, if you will. We’re glad Burrow felt the need to share this photo. It shows his soft side.

5. One of his many SpongeBob-related posts

There is a lot to unpack here. It’s no secret Burrow is still a huge SpongeBob SquarePants fan, but his choice is confusing. He chose to post Lord Reginald out of all of the characters. Also, I’m pretty sure the caption is implying that there is an attraction to Sandy the squirrel?

4. When he posted about satisfying his sweet tooth

The top comment on this post is by Sam Hubbard, who is now a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. It simply reads “What is this,” and, quite frankly, I am wondering the same. Those caramel apple suckers (you know, the ones in the plastic green wrapper) are pretty darn good, though.

3. His post of this iconic baby photo 

This is pure humor. The fact that this is a picture of a picture is funny in and of itself. Plus, with that caption, this was the peak of comedy for 2014. I’m laughing at this now just because of the absurdity of the joke.

2. This very necessary post of an orange juice cap

If I were to interview Joe Burrow, the first thing I would ask him about would be this post. What was the reason for posting it? Who wanted to see your moldy orange juice cap? We need answers.

1. When he posted this now iconic mirror selfie

This post has reached iconic status. You can bet 17-year-old Joe Burrow did not think that this awkward mirror selfie would get upward of 16,000 likes and would be reposted on countless people’s Instagram stories. This strange post takes the No. 1 spot due to the caption that left us wondering: who’s back? 


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