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Season 6 of ‘Queer Eye’ is now streaming on Netflix. (Photo provided via @PopCrave on Twitter)

TV Review: Here’s every episode of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ season 6, ranked

Another season of Netflix’s Queer Eye is here, and the Fab Five are proving that, like the show’s theme song says, “All things just keep getting better.”

Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness (or JVN) have returned to help some heroes. This time, the five are in Austin, Texas, where y’all means all. This season, there’s a great range of heroes from all walks of life helped by the incredible Queer Eye hosts, and almost every episode provides a tear-jerking moment. 

Get ready for an amazing display where each member of the Fab Five brings their best. Here are all 10 of the season six episodes of Queer Eye, ranked from worst to best:

10. “A Night to Remember” 

The Fab 5 head to Navarro Early College High School to help the prom committee plan “A Night to Remember.” From picking out their outfits and securing and decorating a boujee location to helping the students understand their impact and legacy, the Fab Five really go all out for this event. The format of the episode was refreshing because it wasn’t just one person, but it was for the entire senior class and the prom committee. It was very COVID-19 pandemic-centered because of the students, so it made it sad to watch. However, the cuts between the scenes where the Fab Five were in their prom attire and dancing were extremely cute and memorable.

9. “Showdown at the Broken Spoke”

This episode, like the rest of them, is a heavy tear-jerker. The Fab Five help a woman named Terri, whose family owns a honkey tonk called the Broken Spoke. Terri’s emotional transformation was the highlight, so Karamo got a big moment to shine. He took Terri’s tough exterior and helped her to communicate in a healthy way with her daughter and love herself. From those emotional moments to JVN having to style a wig because she was uncomfortable with the way her hair looked, the episode showcases the magic the Queer Eye crew can really make. 

8. “No More Bull” 

This is arguably one of the most awkward episodes of Queer Eye, but it truly showed the good nature of the Fab Five. This episode follows Josh, an extremely Republican man who owns his own beef company and ranch, raising the cattle. From the start, he is clearly very uncomfortable with queer people, even admitting  he’s never been around queer people (that he knows of). There were some moments where it felt like the Fab Five were fighting for their lives trying to be diplomatic and kind to someone who very clearly has no understanding of the queer community. Josh, on a few occasions, said the wrong thing: stereotyping them, calling JVN, who is nonbinary, a “guy” or “sir” and more, but that made it all the more meaningful when he had an open conversation with JVN about how he wants to better connect with people who come from different walks of life. Honestly, I was very happily surprised at the emotional and physical transformation Josh made in the episode. 

7. “Snow White of Central Texas”

Jamie, who the Fab Five are helping in this episode, clearly has a heart of gold and an empathetic spirit for the ages. She runs Safe in Austin, a nonprofit organization that benefits special needs children and special needs animals. Jamie is like an exposed nerve, constantly being brought to tears by the love and goodness around her. The Fab Five not only give her a makeover and help to heal her heart, but they also construct something that’s bigger than anything that’s ever been done in Queer Eye history: a barn for all of Jamie’s animals. Bobby truly outdoes himself in this episode. 

6. “A Legend in the Baking” 

The Fab Five get a sugar high in this episode. They head to OMG Squee, a bakery owned by Sarah, an Asian woman in Austin. They help Sarah connect with the community of other Asian-owned businesses in Austin who have all had similar experiences of xenophobia due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sarah’s self-confidence, her business and her image are all revitalized, but it’s her connection with the Asian community and the conversations about racism that really come out the most impactful from the episode. 

5. “The Mis-Inspiration of Reggie Devore” 

Reggie was taking off as a rapper before the pandemic. Under his stage name, Blacklight, he was opening for artists like Katy Perry and Dua Lipa. However, once COVID-19 shut everything down, Reggie was hit hard. The Fab Five help Reggie to revitalize his image, from a new gig at his dream venue and new professional photos to a new place to spend quality time with his family and record his own music with new premium equipment. Reggie’s dedication to his craft and to his family shines through, and his emphasis on important issues like Black rights, social justice and mental health makes him all the more special. 

4. “Gimme Shelter” 

Selfless giving is a heavy theme among this pandemic-ridden season, as the Fab Five help out Chris, a hero who runs The Other Ones Foundation, a nonprofit organization to help homeless people. What makes this episode so great is how Chris has absolutely no idea what’s going on the entire time. He’d never encountered anything having to do with Queer Eye or any of the hosts, so he is pleasantly surprised by all of the helpful nature that comes from them. Seeing how happy he is after his transformation and how much better fit he is to help others is absolutely inspiring.

3. “Craw Zaddy”

There’s no doubt about it: this man is one of the cutest human beings to exist. Todd was grieving over the death of his wife but was nominated by his daughter. He and his wife own a restaurant, which he’s trying to hand the reins over to his daughter, but it’s been tough for him to learn how to let go — be it the grief of his wife’s death or the control of his restaurant being passed down. His physical transformation and emotional transformation are both incredibly moving, and his participation and interaction with the Queer Eye hosts is wholesome and hilarious. 

2. “Community Allied”

This episode is super impactful. Though there are many episodes with crying moments, this one is just so important to see. The Fab Five help out Dr. Jereka, who opened her own COVID-19 vaccination and testing clinic to serve underprivileged members of the community who didn’t have access to these resources. She is the type of person who is always sacrificing her own mental health and physical wellness to make sure she’s doing everything she can for others. The Fab Five help her with her makeover but also help her to understand that she needs to take the time to step back and trust the people who she has properly trained to do a great job. Jereka’s family time and space is improved, and her team’s offices are improved in this episode. It’s arguably the biggest emotional transformation in the season, with several tear-jerking moments. 

  1. “Angel Gets Her Wings” 

Get your tissues ready before this episode because you’ll definitely be needing them. The Fab Five visit Angel, a transgender woman who is struggling to step into the light of her gender. As a powerlifter and powerlifting coach, she’s always been more of a masculine presenting human being, so the Fab Five help her with a new hair and makeup routine that makes her feel sexy and confident as well as feminine. Tan also completely revitalizes her wardrobe, helping her to overcome the panic attacks she’d get when trying to find clothing in women’s departments, and Bobby doesn’t miss on this fantastic home makeover (but let’s be honest, does Bobby ever miss? No). 

But the most impactful moment comes from Karamo’s help. Angel hadn’t been interacting with her father after he took the news of her transition really hard. Karamo facilitated a conversation between the two of them where they could better understand each other, and they end up rekindling their relationship, which is something so rare on this show. Angel’s father ends up even coming over for her housewarming party and going to her gym and lifting with her, marking the start of a new, healthy and understanding relationship between the two. This episode is packed with a lot of important conversations about the transgender community and how to shine in your own identity. It’s super important and extremely impactful to watch, making it by far the best of the season. 

All in all, the Fab Five once again helped these gorgeous heroes into bettering themselves to be able to help others. Check out season six of Queer Eye, only on Netflix. 


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