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What numerology has in store for you in 2022

With every new year, comes everyone wanting to know what the future holds for them. According to numerology is “an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. This art can help us tap into the underlying patterns of the universe and reveal new truths about who we are.” 

Numerology is the idea that there is a 10 year universal and personal cycle. The cycle starts at one and goes up to nine, Each year adds up to a single digit and each number has its own energy to assist in personal growth. This year adds up to the universal year of six (2+0+2+2=6). This means, the year will force people to focus on accepting responsibility. It will be a much calmer year than the universal year, five, in 2021, when it seemed that the universe was as impulsive as it could be. For this universal year, work on meaningful goals, strengthen your relationships and seek stability. 

Each universal year comes with a personal year’s number. A personal year number is what affects you the most and where you will feel the most influence. Similarly to adding up a universal year, you add up your birthday, birth month and the universal year to find your number. If your birthday is Jan. 1, you would add one plus one plus six for this year (1+1+6=8). If you end with double digits add the first number with the second to get your personal year number. For example, if you end with ten, you would add one and zero to get one (1+0=1)

Now that you know your personal number, let’s see what your number means for this year:

Personal year one: New beginnings and goals

With the start of your new cycle, expect a lot of new opportunities proposing themselves this year. Likely, you just got out of an exhausting nine year cycle with a lot of change. With all of your new opportunities. the question will be which will you take on? While you are waiting for new things to present themselves, think of new ideas and recognize your new ambitions and dreams. Everything coming to you this year will be things you initiate, and it will be your turn to call the shots.

Personal year two: Patients and partnership

After being able to follow your dreams at a fast pace last year, this year will allow you to find the stability and balance in what opportunities you pursued last year, while also making room for those in your life. This year will lead to a lot of adjustment in your newfound growth. This year will also present a lot of time to heighten your relationship with someone new or already in your life. It may feel like life is set to a slower pace, but it will be an important year for you. 

Personal year three: Self expression and learning

Buckle up. This year will allow you to change the pattern in your life. You will change the way you communicate with others while also taking the time to learn about yourself. The universe wants you to take the time and learn about the world while also observing how you have changed over the last couple of years. Year three will allow you to change your life from the bottom up, so be prepared to look back at 2022 and see a big difference in yourself.

Personal year four: Organization and deep focus

Year four for you will create a new and solid path in your life. Be prepared to have to put a lot of work and effort into what the universe has planned for yourself. It may sound daunting, but just put your best foot forward and show people the new you. Do not try to hold in all of your burdens because there will be people around you who will be able to help you when they see how much work you are putting into everything.

Personal year five: Change and freedom

This year transformations will be coming your way. Be open to the changes! They are going to be paramount for you to be able to gain freedom in your life. Your freedom will come with you being able to shake off your old thoughts, feelings and lifestyle that no longer serve you. Take time this year to look back at what is keeping you restricted and find ways to break away from those. Learn to trust yourself this year because you know where you are meant to end up this year.

Personal year six: Relationships and responsibility

This year will be special in mirroring the universal year. Take the time this year to get reacquainted with those around you. Focus on strengthening your pre-existing relationships that you put on the back burner when you were busy last year. Expect to also meet a lot of new people this year. Do not spend too much time socializing this year, though, because you have a lot of responsibilities to attend to.

Personal year seven: Rejuvenation and alone time

Year seven will feel like a warped reality with how slow it may seem, so now is the perfect time to allow yourself to check out and take a step back. This year is going to allow you a lot of time for rest and relaxation, but make sure you also set some time aside to grow as a person. It will be a personal kind of growth, though, allowing you to still have time to yourself. Try not to push too hard this year, large gains are not a focus for you right now. 

Personal year eight: Manifestation and power moves

After the slow gentle breeze of last year this year is going to allow you to step it up and stand firm. These next 12 months are going to be full of self assurance and an experiment of how far you are really willing to go to live up to your expectations. This year may feel a little overwhelming, but it is just showing you what you are capable of. You will impress yourself with how much you will be able to accomplish this year.

Personal year nine: Release and wisdom

Welcome to the end of your long cycle. Surely, it definitely felt like it could not come soon enough. This year may feel a little weird because you will be leaving things behind in this cycle. You will have the opportunity to lay down a new ground for the new cycle coming. This year will focus on an ending and it may feel daunting to leave things behind, but do not worry, it will be for the best. The more you resist, the more the universe will push you into it. If something is released from your life, that is because it is not meant to be. 


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