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TV Review: New alliances form on the latest episode of 'Attack on Titan'

Continuing the final part of the fourth season of Attack On Titan, viewers watch as the day where The Rumbling starts.

After Levi and Hange were split from the others, watchers see how Hange had been taking care of battered Levi and how the others had been debating on what to do about Eren’s plan. 

As we all know, the Ackermanns never die. He may be short of an eye and two fingers, but Levi is making a swift recovery as always. 

After several episodes, we hear Levi’s voice. Fans wondered why they weren’t in The Paths in an earlier episode, but confirmation arrived when they showed a glimpse of Hange. 

Battered and bedridden, Levi talks with Hange about Eren going forward with his plan. Their relieving sense of humor gave a little light to the situation at hand. 

The scene then flashes back to where the prior episode, “Sunset,” left off. Hange and Levi meet with an angry Theo and Pieck. While Theo and Pieck feel threatened, they hear what the other two have to say.

The group realizes they need to work together in order to make any progress since the founding Titan is basically the worst thing imaginable.

Shifting to the Connie-Falco situation, Connie is still taking advantage of Falco’s amnesia. Personally, I don’t know why the characters get so surprised when others hear them talking out loud, but Falco soon realizes most of Connie’s intentions when they camped out the night before Connie’s plan.

One sad moment showed Connie pleading out for Sasha’s input, the late half of one whole.

After they arrive at Ragako Village and Connie tries to fulfill his plan of feeding Falco to his titan mother, Armin and Gabi show up to put an end to it.

Whiny as always, Gabi screams for Falco while Connie threatens to kill him. Both Armin and Gabi try to stop Connie, but Connie ends up bringing Falco with a knife to his throat-- a wonderfully animated scene, might I add.

As Armin deals with his inner conflict about being chosen over Erwin, he decides to step in physically to save Falco. Armin tries to jump into Connie’s mom’s mouth, causing Connie to swoop in and save him. 

It was obvious Connie would never let Armin sacrifice or kill himself, but it was a good realization for Connie that the mom plan was a stupid idea.

Similar to the last episode, another character has a good development, realizing what needs to be done. Connie decides that he can make his mom proud by saving others and being the soldier he was always destined to be. A little corny, but he needed it. 

Switching gears to Mikasa, she goes to get her precious scarf back from Louise, who luckily saved it for her after hearing Eren suggested throwing it out. Louise is pretty obnoxious, but Mikasa clearly didn’t care to hear what she would say and rightfully took the scarf and left.

Back in town with the Eldians rejoicing, Armin and company run into someone they least expected: Annie.

The Jagerists are back with insane Floch leading them to hate the people defending Marley. Floch and Jean stand behind Yelena and Onyankopon about to execute them. 

It’s funny to see how angry the Eldians are when they were the ones upset about everyone else hating them. Onyankopon gives a good speech about how they should feel horrible for treating others that way, which I totally agree with.

When Jean was about to shoot, knowing him, he purposefully missed. After firing four shots, Mikasa and the others heard the call to start a rescue plan. 

Pieck, running in her hideous cart titan form, bust in and encapsulates Jean, Yelena and Onyankopon to save them from the overbearing Jeagerists.

The animators really outdid themselves with the scene of Jean in the water discussing his actions with Onyankopon. Aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, the reds and yellows do the manga justice. 

Many of the original scouts reunite to awake Reiner, who probably wanted to cry upon realizing he wasn’t dead yet. Questions about the new plan formulate as Connie ends the episode with a hero-like quote of what to do as he answers with, “to save the world.”


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