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The Strokes never fail to deliver dance-worthy songs that are the epitome of lively and fun (Photo provided via NME).

Here are 12 albums to put you in the spring mood

Spring is finally here, and many students are taking advantage of the warm weather to be outside, hang out with friends and so much more. In order to welcome the warm weather, and both the blooming and the rain, it’s essential to have music that is fitting for the season. Here’s a list of albums that are great additions to your playlists and can serve as great music for lying around outside and enjoying nice weather. 

Who Cares? by Rex Orange County

This is the latest release from British indie artist Rex Orange County. Who Cares? is a testament to being happy and living through the bad times. As such, it’s one of Rex’s more upbeat albums. The album has a consistent upbeat and happy energy throughout it, and it perfectly encapsulates the energy that the season can have consistently. 

Best spring song: “Amazing”

From 2 to 3 by Peach Pit

Peach Pit delivers some altogether unique tracks that accurately depict the feelings that can be associated with the season. Peach Pit is consistently creating happy, warm-feeling music that can help any person get into the spirit of the season because they create music that would be great to play on a beach or even on a picnic in an open field. 

Best spring song: “Vickie”

Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons

Realistically, you could substitute this album for any other album by Mumford & Sons; however, this one feels the most fitting. This album is one of the more uplifting ones the band has released. It perfectly fits all the feelings that may be associated with the season into this album, and it’s evident in the lyrics. This is a great album to listen to if you need to be put in a better mood after a rough day. 

Best spring song: “The Cave”

Flower Boy by Tyler, The Creator

Flower Boy is an integral spring album. Not only does it have all the imagery in the songs to accurately depict the season, but also the songs sound so intimately linked to the season in just the way the whole album is set up. Tyler really wanted to create an album that had an atmospheric and flowery feeling, and he accomplished that perfectly. 

Best spring song: “Pothole”

Songs of Her’s by Her’s 

This is not set by aesthetics but sound quality. The entire album is spacey sounding, yet not in the way that makes it sound like a void in which the songs dwell, but sounds like a very open space where that song exists. 

Best spring song: “What Once Was”

Is This It by The Strokes

The Strokes never fail to deliver dance-worthy songs that are the epitome of lively and fun. This is what makes their music so perfect for the season because it’s easy to jump around to or instill that feeling if you have to be more reserved. Similar to Mumford & Sons, The Strokes can have any album switched in this album’s place but this one feels like it fills the overall feeling better than any other album on their discography. 

Best spring song: “Someday”

Nothing Happens by Wallows

Wallows is the most integral band for the spring season. They make music that fits the season and the feelings that can be associated with it. Every song is perfectly fitting for the season as a whole and this is reflective of their easygoing, happy songs that talk about things that put you in the mood to enjoy the weather and beauty that surrounds you. 

Best spring song: “Halloween”

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac

An oldie for this list, Fleetwood Mac perfectly shows all the feelings associated with the feeling, and the hippie vibes are unmatched. Fleetwood Mac knows what kind of music it makes and they’ve shown that throughout their discography. This album in particular is one that is the most centered on the feelings of newness the season brings. 

Best spring song: “The Chain”

Because The Internet by Childish Gambino

This album isn’t old, but it is nostalgic. This album can make any listener want to dance because it’s so familiar to the growing up of the listener. The album has emotions that can be associated with the highs and lows of the season and the weather and goes with any emotion that may come up in this season. 

Best spring song: “3005”

NOIR by Smino

Another song that has bop after bop. NOIR isn’t nearly as much of a rollercoaster, the songs are nearly consistent and display the fun-filled emotions that are associated with the season. This is a great album to ride in a car to and it is so happy and bouncing. 

Best spring song: “PIZANO”

Apollo XXI by Steve Lacy 

This album is the integral spring album because it perfectly illustrates the wonder and newness that is experienced in the spring season. Steve gets experimental in this album, he sets a new precedent in this and conveys happy and easygoing emotions that only he can display in a tracklist. 

Best spring song: “Only If”


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