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6 ways to glow up mentally, physically this summer

With summer coming in just a few short months, many people enjoy a nice reset to feel more confident. There are many products you can use for your glow-up, but there are also important healthy habits that can restore your physical and mental health in the long run. If you think about it, setting long-term goals is normally more effective than short-term; therefore, picking up certain daily habits can help to preserve the goals that you may be striving for.

A glow-up is not just about physical appearance but also a healthy mentality. As many say, “beauty comes from within.” And, it really does. You won’t feel at your best unless you feel healthy internally first. Developing new habits that can improve your health long term will prolong this transformation. Start your summer glow-up today by using these six tricks:

Summer skincare

It is important to continue your normal skincare routine throughout the summer. You might switch your thicker winter moisturizer to a more lightweight one, but, otherwise, keep any major changes to a minimum. Even though the air might be thicker and a lot warmer, hydration is still extremely important for your skin. No matter where you live, hydration from both the inside and out is key to beautiful, glowing skin. 

To start, the no-brainer is to drink plenty of water every day. The recommended amount is eight 8-ounce glasses, so try to keep a water bottle with you throughout the day. For your face, implement and keep a hydrating serum into your routine. The ones featured here are a few great picks. Following your serums and daily moisturizer, make sure that you are wearing SPF every day, especially during the months when the UV index is higher than normal. Supergoop! offers various types of both body and face lotions for all skin types.

Fuller, thicker and healthier hair

One downside to the warmer weather is that it can do a number on your luscious locks. The humidity in the air creates frizz, which prompts many to use heat tools to combat it. In order to maintain healthy hair and even promote hair growth, there are a few ways to save your hair from getting damaged, even if you need to apply heat to it. 

First off, make sure you are using a boar-bristle hair brush on dry hair and a comb on wet hair. If you like to wrap your hair up in a towel after washing it, using a microfiber towel is your best bet. It ensures that you aren’t pulling on your hair follicles, and it can even help with frizz if you prefer to air dry. Lastly, try to wash your hair only two to three times a week. A great way to keep greasy hair to a minimum is to style your hair the day you wash it. In between wash days, you can use dry shampoo and other styling products for maintenance. 

Get your gut right

Gut health is extremely important and can have a significant impact on general mental and physical health. Having an inflamed gut can cause abdominal pain, constant fatigue, acne and high stress levels. There are many cleanses online that you can try, but it is important to make sure you are being safe. Instead, finding the right foods and taking the right cocktail of vitamins can heal your gut and boost your overall daily happiness. 

This TikTok explains five ways to heal your gut. First off, taking a probiotic every day helps to maintain a healthy gut. Second, using L-glutamine powder in smoothies or simply water will help heal your gut lining. Next, drinking bone broth daily or a few days a week can help settle your stomach, especially if you eat something inflammatory. These types of foods include sugar, gluten, vegetable oils and any other personal food sensitives you may have. Lastly, introduce inflammation tamers like turmeric and ginger into your diet.

Conquer your gym anxiety

Getting the courage to go to the gym, especially by yourself, can be difficult. Gym anxiety is a real thing that many people suffer from. However, there are a few things you can do in preparation to make your experience at your local gym more enjoyable. Finding ways that make you more confident to work out in a public place will in turn help you to develop a routine of going more often. 

First off, have a plan of what you would like to accomplish before going. You can write your workouts in a notebook or on your phone. Whatever way you want to organize your workouts, it will help you to remember what to achieve each day. Next, find a few outfits you will feel comfortable and confident in. Some people prefer to wear more baggy clothes for certain workouts and tight-fitting clothes for other workouts. There are a plethora of cute workout sets on Amazon. Lastly, have a go-to gym bag. You can keep your water bottle, earphones, sweat towel and any of your other essentials in one place. 

Snack better

Snacking is quite possibly one of the most enjoyable things in life. However, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the processed, sugary and fattening foods that you can find in the snack section of your local grocery store. Despite what some may think, you can still snack throughout your day, while still being healthy– and flavorful. 

Instead of your normal potato chip, try some plantain chips instead. There are many brands out there that sell these in many different flavors, too. If you’re a dipper, grab some pretzels and/or veggies and hummus. On the other hand, if you have a sweet tooth, try out some peanut butter toast with banana, or this yogurt bar recipe. There are many alternatives and recipes out there to try for healthier snacking. Doing so will leave your stomach happier and you won’t experience as much fatigue throughout the day. 

Track your growth

Whether this is a personal journey or a continuance of one, be sure to keep a written log of your daily adventures. Starting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for anyone, whatever that may entail. What many people forget is that the end goal should be happiness, and your physical health is just as important as your mental health. Journaling is a way to exercise your brain and keep track of all aspects of your health.

Even though it is summer and you may not be in school or on your regular schedule, it’s still important to keep an organized and scheduled life in a planner. Of course, your days don’t have to be entirely planned out, but try to set intentions and goals every night for the coming day. This will keep you motivated, even during a more relaxed season. 

It is always important to reflect on your emotions. Whether you have time to do this every day or just once a week, it is an important part of maintaining a positive mindset. Etsy has hundreds of different journals that you can even customize so you’ll never lose it. You can get one with pre-made questions to guide your journaling, or a blank notebook if that’s more your style. 


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