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Here’s how to achieve the “clean girl” look

Waking up early to get ready can become harder to do as school gets more difficult, work days become longer or your schedule just keeps getting busier. Looking put together on a daily basis is something we all want, but it can be hard to achieve in under ten minutes. However, don’t fret. A new trend has risen on TikTok: the “clean girl” look.

This trend has sort of become a rebranding for the “no makeup, makeup” look. It comprises only a few different products that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will make it look like you woke up an hour early to get ready. And the best part is – it doesn’t even require makeup if that is your preference.

Here are five steps to look your best and more awake that take up only a few minutes of your morning:


To start out, skincare is a must. Having a set routine for your skin morning and night will help to get glowy and healthy skin. Begin by cleansing your face as usual. This Cetaphil gentle face wash is great for all skin types and doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

Next up, you can use a vitamin C serum to create that glow. Plus, it will help to erase any dark marks or blemishes. Some vitamin C serums can be harsh on sensitive skin types, so always test it on your cheek and don’t use it every day when starting out. Follow up with a hyaluronic acid serum to lock in the moisture.

Some may think eye creams are useless, but finding one with a little tint to it can really help you look awake. You can even go over top of it with a jade roller to really depuff your undereyes. Finally, apply your daily moisturizer and make sure to not forget SPF. Supergoop has a plethora of sunscreen options for different skin types.


Next up is hair. If your hair is clean, you can leave it down or put it into a simple braid. However, we all have greasy or overall just bad hair days. If it is one of those days, opt in for a slicked back bun. Or, if you are looking for something else, here are some more hairstyles for dirty and oily hair.

To start this slicked back bun, get your greasy and messy mane down and brushed out. Next, use Bedhead’s after party cream or any other hair gel all over your hair, focusing it on top of the scalp. Brush it all out evenly. After that, part your hair down the middle and brush both sides back. When doing so, make sure to brush sideways and not straight back, like how you would with a typical updo. Tie your hair into a ponytail once it is all in position. Using plain black hair ties might be best to make sure your hair doesn’t fall out, depending on the thickness of your hair.

Then, twist the hair into a bun and even leave out some ends if you’d like. Secure it into place and give your ‘do a nice spritz of hairspray. For finishing touches, you can perfect those pesky baby hairs with some brow gel or clear mascara. Hairspray one last time to lock everything into place, and there you have it.

@evarankiin Reply to @user839404399 the highly requested model 90s slick bun tutorial!!! hope this helps<33 #hairstyles #slickbuntutorial ♬ original sound - Biobele Braide


If you like to wear a little bit of makeup day to day, here is a simple tutorial for natural, radiant skin. Start out with your preferred foundation or even a skin tint to even out your skin tone. Next, add some concealer under your eyes in an upward motion and in any other areas you may want it.

Using cream or liquid bronzer, blush and highlight will help to keep the look natural and glowy. After that, add some powder underneath the eyes and in the T-zone if you get oily throughout the day. Following that, use a brow gel and brush the hairs up to give them a laminated effect. You can also apply a light coat of mascara, depending on your preference. If you don’t want any mascara, a quick tip is to curl your lashes and apply some vaseline onto them with a spooly or your fingertips. Lastly, use your favorite lip balm or even a tinted lip oil.


Wearing simple and dainty jewelry is what mainly helps you to look more chic. It brings your outfit together and overall creates the ambience of the “clean girl” aesthetic. Whether you have some of these pieces lying around or not, you can find expensive-looking jewelry for a great price.

Start with some chunky gold hoops. They pair wonderfully with slicked back hair and make any outfit look better. If you like to wear necklaces, there are some great simple charm ones on this Amazon storefront. Dainty bracelets and simple gold rings are also a great accessory and show off a fresh manicure – or distract from plain nails.

If you do choose to go the cheap route (like most of us), try to make sure to remove all jewelry before stepping into the shower. However, you can always get some jewelry protectant spray in case you forget. A pro tip is to give your rings a coat of clear nail polish once in a while to protect them from washing your hands and whatnot.


Last but not least is your outfit. Comfort is key for most people, but finding clothes that are both cute and comfortable can be difficult. Matching sets are a great choice that keeps you looking fashionable while still wearing sweatpants. Another option is to wear some flared pants and your favorite sweatshirt with some mini boots.

If you want to dress up a little bit or can’t wear sweats, try out a minimalistic outfit. Go with a pair of simple jeans, a crew neck or sweater and some sneakers. Finally, if you need to go with a more professional look, wear an oversized button-down and some leather or dress pants. Either dress shoes or sneakers work, depending on the dress code you may need to follow.


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