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(Photo provided via @theaces on Instagram)

Artist Spotlight: The Aces have sparked a new revolution in the alternative-pop scene

If you’ve never heard of The Aces, then you have probably been missing out on one of the most exquisite and revolutionary alternative-pop girl groups in the current sphere of music. 

The Aces' start began in Provo, Utah in the summer of 2016, when lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez, her sister and drummer Alisa Ramirez, guitarist Katie Henderson and bassist McKenna Perry were signed by Red Bull Records after releasing music as “The Blue Aces."

Blending pop and rock influences with funky and retro production, the group isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and upfront with their listeners. Every song is euphoric, an anticipatory high that you can’t come down from long after Ramirez’s vocals fade. 

In 2018, The Aces received recognition they had longed for with the release of their first album When My Heart Felt Volcanic. With a 48-minute run-time, the album was able to catapult them into the trajectory they were already on, instantly joining music festival line-ups and booking global tours.

“Volcanic Love” and “Stuck” put the band up further in the ranks in a genre that is usually dominated by men, proving that its lyrical ability is just as strong and striking. Both songs tackled the ideals of first love, and how it can trap you if you don’t find a way to tame the feelings that come along with finding someone new to latch onto. 

Following their newfound success, The Aces were able to open for other alternative groups such as COIN, X Ambassadors and 5 Seconds of Summer, growing even more of a following and fostering connection between fans of all identities. 

As the pandemic hit soon after touring, the girls had to figure out their next move. This led to the release of Under My Influence, an edgy breakout that showcased the band in a new light. The overly sentimental and nostalgic tone that their predecessor had immediately vanished as Ramirez sang of the issues of technology altering one’s sense of communication and belonging. 

Major publications were quick to compliment the band after their experimental and bold second album, with Forbes saying, “On their just released second album, Under My Influence, they deliver impressively… crafting a smart, catchy, engaging, authentic sophomore album.” 

Songs like “My Phone is Trying to Kill Me” and “Lost Angeles” were new territory for Ramirez vocally and the rest of the group sonically. It was a turning point compared to their days back in Utah, moving to Los Angeles and only looking ahead to the future.

As 2021 came into the light, the band wasn’t ready to stop making music. They released the psychedelic, gospel-like track “Don’t Freak,” signaling another new change in sound for The Aces. 

This past winter, the girl-group geared up to go back on tour for its long awaited Under My Influence tour, where band members finally were able to reunite with fans after three years of not performing. 

Now, The Aces are looking to return to Europe and the UK after delaying the second half of its Under My Influence tour. The Aces are also opening for boy-band Why Don’t We this summer throughout the United States. As the pandemic slowly goes in the rearview, it seems like the group will finally be able to connect with international audiences sometime soon. 

Overall, The Aces have accomplished so much in the span of six years, which only emphasizes just how much more the band will continue to accomplish. Keep your eyes peeled for this talented, innovative group of women in the future, as you will most likely see them on even bigger stages, playing for much bigger crowds.


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