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Lord Huron's most recent album was released in 2021 (Photo provided by @LordHuron via Twitter).

The top 25 Lord Huron Songs, ranked

In 2010, indie folk-rock band Lord Huron released their first EP, "Into the Sun." Since then, they have released four albums, another EP, and several singles, making for a detailed and complex discography in which we'll look at their 25 best pieces. 

25. "Until the Night Turns"

Despite focusing on the world's end, this song is surprisingly upbeat. Its fast tempo and message about enjoying yourself as the world comes to an end make for a genuinely cheerful song. 

24. "Brother"

While most songs from their "Lonesome Dreams" album are about love and exploration, "Brother" differentiates itself by describing a deep friendship between two men who have known each other for as long as they can remember.

23. "Your Other Life"

Detailing the end of a relationship for reasons related to cheating and lies, the band's most recent release is for the jilted lover in all of us, as it reminds listeners of past heartbreaks. 

22. "Twenty Long Years"

The stripped-back instrumental and lonesome vocals really sell this song, making it sound both like a nostalgic song from your grandfather's radio and a song to sing around a bonfire with friends.

21. "Mine Forever"

This song is a tearful goodbye in which two lovers struggle to part. There is hope in their goodbye; one reminds the other that in their mind they're always going to see them as theirs. 

20. "She Lit a Fire"

Boundless love and an acoustic guitar dominate this song, describing both the girl the narrator is in love with and the journey he takes through mountains, deserts, forests and seas to see her again.

19. "I Lied ft. Alison Ponthier" 

The only way the feeling of "I Lied" can be described as is a sad relief. Both lovers are ending their dull relationship and finally saying goodbye to one another and coming to terms with their lack of love for each other, creating a sad tune for heartbreak. 

18. "Emerald Star"

Despite the change in pace from folk-rock to progressive rock throughout the entire "Vide Noir" album, it was done well, exemplified by the final track "Emerald Star." The narrator's heartbreak of finding out that the love of his life doesn't love him anymore, combined with the dark, dramatic instrumental, makes for a great song. 

17. "Way Out There" 

Mysterious in tone, "Way Out There" feels like a dark fantasy story, in which the narrator describes his attitude towards death and its inevitability as he slowly drifts away from the world and the life he once inhabited. 

16. "Love Me Like You Used To"

This track takes a slightly romanticized look at regret. The narrator regrets leaving his lover, and no matter where he goes, he comes back to them, asking them to love him the way that they used to. 

15. "Fool for Love"

This surprisingly upbeat song tells the story of a man in love with a woman who is engaged to another, and his attempt to win her affection by fighting her fiance. Unfortunately, her fiance is a massive man who easily beats him, leaving him to die as he realizes he was destined to lose either way.

14. "Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme)"

Upbeat and energetic, "Hurricane" is a change in pace to a summery tune, talking about the fun of living life on the edge. The narrator describes his restlessness and his love for thrills, making it a cheerful song for the rebel in all of us. 

13. "The Balancer's Eye"

The poetic lyrics of the song take a look at existential dread, and the fear of the unknown after death, sung over a catchy combination of loud and fast guitars and drums.

12. "The Ghost On The Shore"

This expression of love resonates with all who grew up near the Great Lakes, in which lyrics about the desire to return to them combine with quiet and calm instrumentals, almost reminiscent of the sound you would hear out of your backyard on a summer night.

11. "Not Dead Yet" 

This track off of "Long Lost" is relatable to anyone who's gone through a rough time and has kept a somewhat cheerful attitude through the whole thing, continuing to keep going and reiterate that they're not dead yet. 

10. "The Night We Met"

Popularized by the show "Thirteen Reasons Why," this heartbreaking song describes the time after a breakup, where the hurt is fresh enough to manifest itself as regret for getting into the relationship in the first place, leaving you haunted by the metaphorical ghost of your ex.

9. "Wait by the River"

Themes of regret and apologizing carry the somber tune, where the narrator asks his lover for forgiveness after a fight, promising to wait by the river for her until she's ready to forgive him, if she ever is.

8. "When the Night is Over"

Even in the midst of the quiet, beautiful instrumentals and the mysterious vibe of the song, the poetic lyrics about searching for a lost lover and seeing them in everything take center stage here.

7. "In the Wind"

You know the feeling of watching someone you love move away and not knowing if they'll ever return? That feeling of loss? "In The Wind" puts that feeling into words and sets it to music in a way few have before.

6. "Frozen Pines"

Flowery lyrics and acoustic guitar come together for a song about losing a loved one and choosing to live your life anyways, knowing you'll see them again on the other side.

5. "Ends of the Earth"

This song is wanderlust set to music, expressing a deep desire to travel the world and a heartbreaking willingness to leave the one you love in order to do so.

4. "Long Lost"

This song is a sequel to "Ends of the Earth," in which the narrator is now traveling and exploring, expressing a desire to continue doing so in conjunction with orchestral instrumentals. 

3. "Ancient Names Part 1"

Their most complex song in terms of the arrangement, "Ancient Names Part 1," goes through several different tempos, genres and sections in order to create a rhythmically driven and musically diverse piece. 

2. "Love Like Ghosts"

This violin-driven song explains how love can be like ghosts, few people have truly seen it. When you least expect it, it comes back to haunt you; sometimes, it can only be felt when it hurts you. 

1. "Meet Me in the Woods"

Whenever something big happens, you come back a changed person. This song puts that feeling of change into words and sets it to music, creating one of the most beautiful songs ever heard.


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