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Big Mammas Burritos on Court St. on Sept. 27, 2022.

Here are the best vegan options on Court Street

Athens, Ohio, is home to various delicious eateries. As new students adjust to life on campus, one may wonder, "Where and what can a vegan eat on Court Street?" Well, vegans and non-vegans looking to try something new, look no further. Here are the best vegan meal options on everyone's favorite street: 


Bagel Street Deli on Court St. on Sept. 27, 2022.

Bagel Street Deli 

Whether you are looking for a quick breakfast on the way to class or a midday pick-me-up, Bagel Street Deli's sandwiches are a popular choice. With over 20 customizable options, this "bagelwich" shop is nothing short of vegan-friendly. The Tofubien, a take on the classic Reuben sandwich, and the BBQ Tofu, which has flavors similar to a burger, are two incredibly tasty picks! Be sure to ask for the vegan customization option. 

The Tofubien (vegan style) comes in at $7.25 with smoked tofu, vegan provolone, sauerkraut and vegan cream cheese served on a bagel of your choice. This may sound different, but it's delicious!

The BBQ Tofu (vegan style) also comes in at $7.25 with smoked tofu, vegan provolone, tomato, onion and barbecue sauce served on a bagel of your choice. It's a great simple and savory sandwich. 

Firdous Express

Located inside Bubbles Tea Company, this casual Mediterranean dining experience offers build-your-own bowls. Vegans can choose from various bases such as rice, gyros, salad or fries. For proteins, the tofu and falafel are vegan-friendly options that are great separate or together for an additional $3. Don't forget to add a dressing or hummus and veggie toppings. A recommendation is the fries base with falafel, tofu, chickpeas, veggies and tahini to top it off.


A biker on Court St. on Sept. 27, 2022.

Ginger Asian Kitchen

An Athens staple, Ginger has substantial options for vegans. A create-your-own rice bowl serves as a great entree. A generous amount of rice, veggies, tofu and sauce comes at a good deal for a quality size. The teriyaki sauce pairs well with a tofu and rice bowl and some steamed vegetables.

Big Mamma's Burritos

Open until midnight on weekdays and 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, this quick-service burrito shop offers two vegan options, the Vegan Chorizo and the Beyond Burrito. No customizations are needed. 

The Vegan Chorizo, filled with rice, guacamole, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce and vegan chorizo, is recommended for those who prefer spicy food. The chorizo packs a punch, and the accompanying ingredients calm its spicy aftertaste. 

The Beyond Burrito, on the other hand, serves as a perfect option for a classic burrito. With crumbled Beyond Burger, black beans, rice, guacamole, mild salsa, red peppers, cilantro and lettuce, this menu item has great flavor and is a delicious option for any burrito lover. 


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