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Certain Doja Cat songs just make sense when you attribute them to the person you love, a person you know is the life of the party or to someone who is simply a successful, confident person in your life (Photo provided via @dojacat on Instagram).

What your favorite Doja Cat songs says about you

Whether love or hate Doja Cat, there’s no evidence proving that the singer is untalented, and has a song for any occasion, especially after the widespread success she’s received since her breakthrough with her sophomore album, “Hot Pink,” in 2019.

Certain Doja Cat songs just make sense when you attribute them to the person you love, a person you know is the life of the party or to someone who is simply a successful, confident person in your life. With that being said, here is what your favorite Doja Cat songs says about you:

“Tia Tamera (feat. Rico Nasty)”

You know who you are. You aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself, nor do you let anyone belittle you. You are confident, bold and sometimes too impulsive, but you follow your intuition and surround yourself with people who do the same. As Doja Cat sings, you are “the big idea,” and you dominate in any environment. While at times you can come off as abrasive or blunt, at least you used your voice, and that’s all that matters.

“Juicy (feat. Tyga)”

You don’t compare yourself to others. You embrace who you are, inside and out, and are unapologetic when it comes to promoting self-love. You definitely know how to hype someone up when they’re feeling down, and you always bring a positive energy to any social outing. You also have a playful side, lighthearted and carefree when it comes to having a good time. Sometimes you try to make up for a lack of fun by putting all your effort towards a certain group of people, so don’t expend too much of yourself for people who don’t care.

“Ain’t Sh*t”

Let’s be honest, you really hate men, but that’s OK! You don’t put up with people’s excuses or dishonesty. You pride yourself in staying loyal to others, always ready to have someone’s back in times of distress. You can come off as aggressive or mean at first, but it’s only because you always have your guard up. You’re the friend who always gives realistic dating advice, but nobody seems to listen. Overall, you have a good head on your shoulders and have extremely high standards for yourself and others.


It looks like you’re not over someone you used to love. Whether it be a friend or partner, you might be in a funk. You bottle up your emotions, only opening up when you have a pen and piece of paper to write on, and you hate looking weak. You also just straight up hate being sad. Don’t worry, you’ll get over them, but don’t let that take away all of your happiness and energy. Instead, think about the future, not the past.

“Get Into It (Yuh)”

You are the life of the party. You don’t sleep, run on RedBull and are probably always seen roaming Court Street most nights of the week. You love attention and socializing, and hate being left out of any event. You forget to prioritize more important things in your life, and get too caught up in the fear of missing out. Yet, you don’t take things too seriously, and you like being a person people can feel comfortable around and have fun with.

“Roll With Us”

You are very laid-back. You don’t care about your looks or what others think of you, and you strive to include everyone. You sometimes lack empathy and awareness, especially when mixed with people who are polar opposite from you, but you eventually warm up to them. You give off hippie-vibes and are most likely a couch potato, but you are a support system for many people in your life.

“Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)”

You’re an empath to the max and love affection. You probably are currently crushing on someone, or have a very unrealistic celebrity crush, and you always wear your heart on your sleeve. You write poetry and watch romantic comedies. You always text back right away. Just be careful, because sometimes you overthink everything and act on your impulse when it comes to love. Basically, you are a hopeless romantic.


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