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Here’s what your favorite Food Network chef says about you

The Food Network has created cooking content for avid cable TV watchers since 1993. Its array of personality chefs, such as the icy-blonde tipped Guy Fieri and the stern and serious Ted Allen cause viewers to fall in love with their cooking, wittiness and professionalism.

With all that in mind, here is what your favorite Food Network chef says about you:

Ina Garten - Barefoot Contessa

If you’re anything like Ina Garten, the beloved host of “Barefoot Contessa,” then you have a packed schedule and are constantly running around from one event to the next. Yet, you have a lot of energy and don’t tire easily. You are kind to everyone and always put others before yourself, willing to host any party with an array of good food and drinks. Basically, you’re the life of the party in the most subtle way, and you never resist an opportunity to have a good time.

Robert Irvine - Restaurant: Impossible

You’re a tough cookie and don’t put up with people’s excuses or negativity. You also probably work out seven days a week in order to relieve all the stress you usually put on your plate. While people initially think you’re intimidating, you eventually allow them to see your sensitive side and kind heart. You love to help people deep down, even if it does take a lot of energy. You’re more introverted, but when around people you’re comfortable with, you are super outgoing, energetic and a team player.

Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman

Your dream may be to live on a farm and have your own TV show, but hey, that’s totally okay! You value your family and friends and never let anything get in the way when it comes to seeing them. You are extremely nice, sympathetic and caring. You always check in on others to ensure they’re okay and also love to bake. Whether it’s cakes, cookies or brownies, you are always delivering treats to your friends to waste some time, as you can’t usually sit still. Overall, everyone loves you and values your kind spirit and inspiring work ethic.

Guy Fieri - Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

You are most likely always eating something delicious. You have a strong talent for finding good restaurants around you, and you’re also always willing to try dishes that most people would turn away from. You can run on little sleep and still conquer the day, surprisingly having amazing time management skills. Sometimes, your high energy is a little too much for people, as you’re a naturally loud person, but at the end of the day, people always remember who you are. You have many friends and love being social, and you are the true definition of an extrovert.

Rachael Ray - The Rachael Ray Show

You are the mom of your friend group. You always watch out for others, usually providing them with means of self-care. You love a good spa day or a movie marathon with friends, as well as sneaking in a few sweet treats throughout your day. You’re confident in your skin and inspire others to feel the same as well. You positively impact everyone you meet, and you’re humble about your successes. People look up to you, even if you don’t always think it.

Aaron Sanchez - Chopped

You are authentic. You embrace who you are and never let anyone make you feel less than others. You have a hard exterior, but once people get on your good side, you welcome them in with open arms. You are a hard worker, always studying or working on assignments, and you simply get things done faster than the average person. You are driven and dedicated and hold many different talents. At times, you can get too competitive with others, causing you to lash out, but all in all, you don’t let your anger get the best of you.


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